Lipofilling safe method of breast reconstruction

- it Correction of the face and body by means of transplant patient's own fat. This method is widely used in aesthetic medicine. But until recently, doctors were concerned with the fact that the safe use of this method in patients, as breast cancer and surgery to remove the breast (mastektomiû).

But thanks to scientists Kronowitz clinic Plastic Surgery, to date, proven security using this method-it does not cause recurrence of cancers.

This conclusion is based on the receipt and analysis of statistical data. Collecting the results of breast reconstruction operations since June 1981 year in February 2014 year (and this order 1000 operations), scientists were able to determine, that the frequency of the next recurrence of breast cancer in women, as breast reconstruction using lipofilinga was 1,3%, and distant recurrences – 2,4%. In this case,, the next frequency of relapses in patients, passed through breast reconstruction using silicone implants – 2,4%, and remote – 3,6%.

It is worth noting, that fat as successfully applied for correction forms buttocks, and to correct nasolabial folds, and to increase lips.

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