Lymphatic drainage massage: slimming with the first session

If you for a short period of time need to be reduced to the dimensions of your favorite dresses, the lymphatic drainage is the, that will help you quickly and, point, pleased to reduce its volume. Already after the first session of massage you may seem, that the pants sit on you become freer, before the massage. And all from the, that of your fat cells gone extra fluid. Over the course of lymphatic drainage massage is quite real to lose up to 5 see in volume.

How does massage

The massage is performed on “distressed” zones: legs (calves and thighs), buttocks and abdomen. light, as if to squeeze masseur movements expels moisture from your fat cells, as well as products of metabolism. All this removes from the lymphocytic system cells.

Movement during a massage slow, tekučie, because he lymph drainage is very slow compared to the blood circulation. Rapid movement can injure vessels. Lymph is the thicker and slower, the more it decay products.

5739-1As a course of lymphatic drainage massage the lymph will become thinner and more fluid, sledandatelno, liquid together with metabolic products will be displayed faster. The cells thus, getting rid of excess moisture, decrease in size. Due to the fact that the vessels, who previously pinched swollen inflamed cells, cease to be clamped, cells better supplied with oxygen. collagen fibers, which distribute the fat fiber, after reducing the cells start to get your collagen, which previously acted in insufficient quantities.

Who recommended massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is recommended for everyone, who want to improve blood circulation and drain excess fluid from the cells, together with the decay products, toxic cells. Recommended massage for obesity, with injuries, accompanied by tissue edema, in the postoperative period, as part of the anti-cellulite program. When the battle against cellulite is not recommended to knead subcutaneous fat in the swelling of tissues. Therefore, begin anti-cellulite program with lymphatic drainage massage.

Contraindications to the lymph drainage massage:

  • acute periods of infectious diseases;
  • skin diseases;
  • the first time after surgery;
  • kidney disease;
  • pregnancy.
  • Massage is contraindicated in children under 1 year.

General recommendations

The number of sessions with cellulite treatment depends on the degree of cellulite, as well as on the individual (how readily the body gives water). For the 1 st degree of cellulite enough 3-4 sessions on 50 minute, at the 2nd degree is required 4-6 sessions, and at the third level the number of required sessions of lymphatic drainage may reach 8-9. Sessions is better to do in a day.

It is important to keep drinking regime. Through 15-20 minutes after the massage you may want to drink. At the same time to save the effect is highly undesirable first 2 hours to drink the liquid and eat. When lymph drainage massage the body of excess fluid removed, and fat cells at the same time experiencing stress. If immediately after the lymphatic drainage massage to drink water or eat, fat cells to rack up even more water, than it was before. For 2 hours body has time to adapt, and the cells will no longer retain water. The next day after the session lymphatic drainage massage is necessary to observe the drinking regime: drink at least 2 liters of clean water, It is desirable to 14-16 noon.

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