Treatment of Plantar warts

Plantar warts in medicine are considered benign cutaneous Neoplasms of viral origin. And, the share of warts, localized on the foot accounts for a third of all entities. To specify an exact diagnosis, differentiate acuminata, papilloma, other growths, exclude cancer nature Neoplasms, should be referred to a dermatologist. Plantar warts, treatment is best done in private fee-paying clinics with the help of modern equipment and technologies, because the defective removing the root skin education, as well as damage to the surrounding tissues to provoke the growth of new growths or any other areas of the skin.

Causes of Plantar warts

Any kinds of warts — filamentary, ordinary, Plantar, flat, as well as warts and papillomas, appear when a weak immune response on the introduction and reproduction in the body — HPV papilloma virus, who has more 100 various types of. For convenience, each type of virus are assigned rooms. So, for example, in the appearance of flat warts HPV responsible 49, 28, 10 and 3 type, and cause of Plantar warts is 4, 3, 2, and 1 HPV type. More details about all types of papilloma virus, calling Neoplasms, You can learn from our article, how to remove a wart.

How can I get this virus? HPV is transmitted easily from person to person through domestic feedbackcontact and some statistical data is considered, the majority of the population are infected with many of its types. That is,, using someone else's personal hygiene items, as well as the presence of damp, warm Wednesday in pools, baths, saunas, gyms facilitate transfer of the Activator through infected skin cells from diseased to healthy person. Because sunlight kills virus, the infection is excluded on the beach.

Even if the infection is not always possible growth of papillomas and warts. When strong immunity, the virus getting into the body goes into a dormant state and does not cause any harm to the, But if it fails, weakening of protective forces of the organism (food poisoning, serious infectious disease, strong stress, fatigue, Overload, poor nutrition) It can be activated prior to the formation of various formations on the skin.The plantar wart treatment

The factors behind the emergence of tumors on the foot are:

  • Damage to the skin of the feet, foot
  • Заболевания, violate trofiku tissue-atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, Varicosis of lower limbs
  • Dry skin feet or, conversely, excessive sweating
  • Заболевания, deformity is arthritis of the joints of the foot, flat feet, osteoarthritis
  • Friction and pressure skin from uncomfortable shoes

Looks like a wart on my foot and how to distinguish from calluses and other ailments

The soles of these warts are clearly limited rounded or oval, no more 1-2 cm. Above the main skin they act only on 1-2 mm, and color may not differ from the mainstream, in rare cases they may be pink or pale brown. First appeared outgrowth has a smooth surface, It grows is covered with layers of the epidermis, which becomes rough, orogovevšim and eventually acquires a yellow-gray color.

In some cases, on the surface of tumors formed brown-black dots, This comes from capillary trombirovaniâ, located close to the surface, also in the center of the warts may be deepening krateropodobnoe. Only at very high activity of the virus are widespread education, most often, this is still a single education. When a child is getting a lot of warts, they attached the affected foot mosaic picture.

In some cases, for internal reasons, When immunity WINS, the body begins to reject the build-up and it disappears, without leaving any trace. But this is quite rare, and often, conversely, due to constant injury she later brings serious discomfort to the patient, pain when walking, pressure and friction of shoes.

Since podošvennoe education due to the constant pressure of shoes turns corns, only an experienced dermatologist can distinguish and differentiate cancer from other entities. This is done by using dermoscopy. For a more thorough survey specialist produces scraping down keratinized layer of education and sends it to the PCR analysis, exclusive or confirming the human papilloma virus. Usually when the Plantar warts on the skin surface drawing and traces trombirovannyh capillaries. To define a depth of germination of root growths, the doctor may prescribe ULTRASOUND.

Differential diagnosis of warts on the foot is made with: Warts on the foot

  • Malignant neoplasms
  • Deformatvnymi diseases of the feet
  • Reiter syndrome warts on the foot differentiate with produces. Absence of inflammatory process, flat form, small dimensions, capillary thrombosis, distinguishes the wart from keratodermii.
  • When syphilis also formed on the foot and hands education, superficially similar to the wart, but they are usually in the form of arcs, rings, very painful and simple test for syphilis solves the problem of differentiation of this diagnosis.

How to remove a Plantar Wart, which method is the advantages and disadvantages of procedures

To date, advanced medical technologies offer several very effective ways of getting rid of any neoplasm — condylomas, warts, Moles. In many specialized paid clinics there are several treatment options, getting rid of a Plantar Wart in the child and adult:

  • Electrocoagulation

Because unlike other, wart on my foot is complicated by the fact, that it in effect finding on the sole, very deeply into the skin grows, such a method, as electrocoagulation, to remove old, large or very deep Plantar Wart is not suitable. The disadvantage of this method is that, that it is used only when the surface, fresh, not deep the unsightly warts, and to always leave a scar or scar. The advantage of this method – painless, When small largest build-up- removal from the root.

  • Treating Plantar warts with liquid nitrogen – cryodestruction

A more detailed description of this technology procedure article Removing warts with liquid nitrogen. This method is the most common and popular, to ensure affordable enough, After the procedure leaves no scars, but its effectiveness depends on the skill of the physician. When conducting cryodestruction specialist should accurately calculate depth effects, because when too intense activity can remain a scar, and insufficient, surface exposure leads to relapse, repeated growth of new warts. The procedure itself is quite painful, but lasts no more than 1 minutes, After treatment with nitrogen in the field build-up occurs blister, which should be protected from water, injury and to avoid penetration of infection should be handled in a strong solution of potassium permanganate or Salicylic alcohol within about a week, disappears and the education.

  • Laser removal of Plantar warts

Removing warts with a laser is also more affordable and popular, This method has the best cosmetic effect. Adjusting the depth of the impact, Unlike liquid nitrogen, better controlled, just this way takes a minimal amount of time, He maloboleznennyj, It takes less time to restore. Most dermatologists today consider laser hair removal any Neoplasms most progressive, safe and fast, advantage is the absence of recurrence, fast recovery of tissues and no signs from operation, as well as the, that remote fabric after the procedure can be sent for histological study.

  • Radio method Removal of warts on feet

This procedure is sometimes also used for removing warts on soles, She cut radionožem with parallel cautery vessels – This prevents the spread of the virus. hit it in the bloodstream, and prevents bleeding.

  • Surgical removal

This method is now almost never used, in very rare cases, When large warts exposed to surgical excision. This method involves the use of a local anesthetic and conventional scalpel, Therefore this operation without pain. But, the downside is a protracted and painful process of healing and always produces a scar, scar.

Selecting the way of deliverance, treatment of warts on the foot, of course remains with the patient.

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