Melanoma treatment 21

What could be more charming and bezobidnee, than a little gentle mole on the face of man. On the planet, there is practically no people, on a body which did not have at least one mole or Nevus pigment, How to properly termed a similar formation on the skin. But in terms of Dermatology pigmented nevi is extremely dangerous education, that require careful, because, under certain conditions, they tend to be reborn in malignant tumors. век – это достаточно редко встречающаяся онкопатология лица, but each practicing doctor must possess the necessary volume of information about the disease.

Why healthy tissue can regenerate in melanoma of eyelid

составляет не более 1 % all malignant tumors on the skin of the eyelids. The risk of developing melanoma increases substantially after age 40 years, When women get sick more often, than men. As you know, Melanoma is one of the most aggressive and rapidly progressing cancer. If the human body has a protruding moles-always have to observe carefully. As well as the skin of the face is the area, which is often subjected to the influence of various traumatic factors, the risk of melanoma in the presence of moles on the centuries significantly increases.

Melanoma of eyelid:

  • factors, conducive to the development of Melanoma of eyelid;
  • Melanoma clinical picture 21: features of the tumor;
  • What is the treatment for melanoma 21.

Factors, conducive to the development of Melanoma of eyelid

Of course, far not every person on the planet to face the development of Melanoma of eyelid. Так как эта опухоль развивается из трансформированных внутрикожных клеток меланоцитов, There are certain factors, increase the risk of developing melanoma, which include:

  • наличие невусов, especially frontier, that is such, cells which are localized in the epidermis and, and in the DermIS;
  • Melanosis is excessive accumulation of melanin in the body tissues;
  • high individual sensitivity to intense solar radiation;
  • light colour;
  • cases of Melanoma among blood relatives;
  • age over 20 years.

Melanoma clinical picture 21: features of the tumor

Melanoma age-a flat hearth eyelid skin lesions, intensely pigmented and has a rough light brown edge. On the skin of the eyelid in most cases develops form Nodular Melanoma, which is characterized by a rapid increase in the size of the tumor, as well as the presence of ulceration on the surface, that can spontaneously bleed. The skin around the tumor fluorescence due to expansion of perifokal′nyh vessels, You can watch the whisk powdered pigment. Melanoma age quickly cover their mucous membrane, conjunctiva and tissue of orbit. Characteristic of tumors is that, that even with a light touch of a cotton swab or tissue to her, on their surface remains dark pigment. Metastasises melanoma 21 lymph nodes, other areas of skin, as well as in the lungs and liver.

What is the treatment for melanoma 21

Treatment of Melanoma age depends, primarily, the size of most of the tumor. If the diameter of the malignant neoplasms does not exceed 10 mm, and research is confirmed by the absence of metastases-excision is performed using laser scalpel, radioskal′pelâ or èlektronoža. It is extremely important to perform a kriofiksaciû tumor. Removing the tumor lesion crosstown, You must retreat at least 3 mm from the visible bounds of education. It is also important to remember that the, What cryosurgery melanoma 21 categorically contraindicated. If the tumor diameter is more 15 мм и визуализируется венчик расширенных сосудов – локальному иссечению такое образование не подлежит, because often the tumors of this size already metastasise. Recommended such patients radiotherapy, It is important to conduct irradiation, including regional lymph nodes.

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