Treatment and prevention of fractures of the feet

– problem, faced by very many people, especially in the summer time. Sometimes cracks appear as small, barely visible skin damage, and sometimes visible gross, deep and festering wound. Because of the soreness as when walking, and at rest. When treating cracks chiropodist must understand, that success depends not only on its effort, but from the client. And talk about it in this article.

In a normal healthy human skin – smooth, flexible and durable. But, unfortunately, people with the skin on the feet can be seen less and less. And the causes of various changes in the skin surface a lot. Feet daily subjected to heavy loads and tested. This is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, which requires very meticulous care.

Most of the problems on the feet occur in younger years and in the absence of proper care contribute to the emergence of serious leg disease later in life and the elderly. Cracks are linear violation of the integrity of the skin by reducing the skin elasticity. Disturbed lipid balance in all layers of the skin, and decreases the quantity and quality of the collagen and elastin fibers of the connective tissue.
Often in the literature professionals face with these words, as "Raghad", "Fissure" and "shrunda", but not everyone knows, that they have the same value, and that in all these cases we are talking about cracks. The word "Raghad" – Greek origin, "Fissure" – Latin, and laymen called the change "shrundoy" skin.
Cracks are superficial (epidermal) – they are located within the epidermis and epiteliziruyutsya (heal), without leaving a trace, and deep (epidermal-dermal), which engage the upper layers of the dermis and localized within the epidermis and dermis (scar may be formed after healing). Deep cracks are very painful and often bleeding. Bleeding cracks are called breaks.

Cracks on the feet can occur against the background of hyperkeratosis, and against the background of dry thin skin, they are called dry. It is not uncommon, When cracks appear when sweating: Such cracks are called wet. It should be understood, that is too dry, and too wet skin is prone to cracks, so-and requires constant strict control over its condition.

Cracks can appear on any part of the foot. But the most common sites of their occurrence – is the heel area, the forefoot, joint of the thumb, the gap between the fingers and places of natural folds.

Cause and effect

The Reasons For, leading to such changes in the skin, may be endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external). The external factors include: climate and the environment, food and personal hygiene, improper care of the skin stop (for example, excessive skin cutting machine and the use of inappropriate tools). Aggressive external factors – walking barefoot on the sand, the ground or asphalt, wearing incorrect footwear (oppressive and airtight), the impact of chlorinated water (swimming pool), temperature effect (sauna and bath), and therapeutic interventions (medication and radiation).

The internal factors include: metabolic disorders (for example, diabetes mellitus), allergies, avitaminosis (Vitamin A deficiency, E and vitamin B, craze diet with a sharp restriction of the amount of fat in the diet), gastritis, renal failure, liver disease, hormonal changes, decreased thyroid function, cardiovascular disease, natural skin aging, and various skin diseases (for example, Atopic Dermatitis, often accompanied by severe itching and flaking, Dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, Ichthyosis).

Normal skin peeling and cracks on any part of the foot – One of the signs of fungal diseases, because fungal lesions of the skin quickly loses its elasticity. Often, in between fingers cracks are formed due to the occurrence of maceration, as a consequence of the erosion of fungal origin. But even if at the moment there is no infection, the damaged skin serves as a gateway to many infections, such, as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Therefore it is very important to keep the skin intact stop.

Any deformation or stop fingers also facilitates cracking. As they usually occur in the field, experiencing maximum pressure, Treatment can last for a long time and give hard. However, cracks in the feet – complex problem, but doable.

If cracks, primarily, We need to find, there was a change of the skin in connection with any disease or is associated with an external action. During the consultation, you need to ask the client questions, concerning his health and lifestyle, and to make a thorough examination of existing changes in the skin of the feet. In the future, it is necessary to conduct a professional hardware processing stop and give advice on home care.

Treatment of fractures

Painless and fast processing maximizes the cracks thin the edge of her rotating tools.
In this case, free of dead skin cells the edge of the crack, nothing more will not interfere
during regeneration.

Compress medicinal substances
In order to crack quickly dragged, superimposed compress medicinal substances.

In conclusion, given professional advice on further treatment of cracks and preventive care for problem areas.

If the problem after a few procedures and fulfill all of your recommendations will not be solved, and the cracks will continue to appear at regular intervals, advise the client to consult a dermatologist and undergo a comprehensive, comprehensive examination to confirm the diagnosis. A ascertaining the true cause of the formation of cracks, it is important to follow all recommendations. It should also explain to the client, that in parallel with the prescribing physician treatment requires regular (Once a month) skin processing hardware stop. After all, even the most careful home care can not be compared with professional work, which not only properly handle the problem areas, but time will see emerging issues and advise, how it can be solved quickly.
Since the generation of cracks is often associated with increased friction and pressure, advise the client to use remedies, reducing the pressure for a certain portion of the foot. This can be a ready means of protection (patches, and insteps) or orthoses (Remedies, made individually).

What do the client to, to avoid the appearance of cracks?

Special attention for the feet skin needs to be given to people over 35 years, overweight; order, who wear closed shoes and shoes with high heels; engaged in heavy physical work or conducting the whole day on their feet; flat-footed; order, who are actively engaged in sports.

For the appearance of the client must be the prevention of fractures:

• hygiene stop (wash your feet twice a day);
• regularly, regardless of the season, follow the foot skin;
• use drugs preventive action against cracking (funds should be used on a daily basis, otherwise their effectiveness is lost). Preparations should have a softening and moisturizing effect, normalize sweating, maintain skin tone, have anti-inflammatory effect, facilitate removal of irritation and peeling of the skin stop, as well as to heal small cracks and abrasions, prevent the occurrence of fungal diseases;
• do foot massage, increase blood circulation (kneading motions massage the heel);
• use protection, reducing pressure on a particular area of ​​the foot (plasters, insoles or orthoses). This not only reduces the pain, but also alleviates pressure on sensitive areas and promote healing of damaged skin;
• once a week to do foot baths with various additives;
• Use a pumice stone, having only fine abrasive, and use it only on the skin surface wet feet (never by much softened and never on a dry);
• refuse to wear synthetic socks and uncomfortable shoes (narrow, tough, the oppressive, without fixing straps);
• visit pedicure once a month.

If the cracks have already appeared:

The customer needs to explain, that the appearance of even minor cracks – serious skin damage, serving as a gateway for bacterial and fungal infections. The skin around the crack may begin to swell, inflame, pustules may appear. In this case, a person is better not to self-medicate, and seek medical advice immediately.

Regardless of the causes of the cracks, until complete healing problem area client should:

• hygiene stop (wash your feet twice a day);
• regularly (two or three times a day) means for professional use healing fractures;
• daily making warm (Is it hot!) foot baths with the addition of various herbs, having disinfecting action (sage, Rosemary, lavender), or bath additives, After necessarily wipe the skin dry;
• wear tights or socks only from natural materials;
• to complete healing of fractures exclude sports, swimming pool, Baths, saunas;
• Do not wear narrow, close and rubbed shoes and sandals without straps,, shoes should be sustainable, low and wide heel;
• to complete healing is not to use a pumice stone;
• the load off of the portion, using protective equipment.

Professional cosmetics

To treat cracks recommend to use "medical ointment crack" and "cream for tired feet", which produced the well-known German company for the production of professional cosmetics Gehwol. Both creams can be used by rubbing or compress. When choosing a professional care means it is important to consider the cause of the cracks. If the crack formed on the background of hyperkeratosis, I recommend "Cream for rough skin", "Blue Balsam", "Red balm for dry skin", Cream "Extra, a", "Cream for tired feet" (Gehwol). If the crack occurred against the background of dry, thin skin, you must apply the cream "hydro", "Lotion with ceramides", "Revitalizing balm" and "Foot Balm".

Let us consider the peculiarities of the action of some recommended tools I. Medical "Ointment from cracks" (Gehwol) – intensive means of effective and rapid solution to the problem. As the basis it uses a special medical soap and lanolin, also includes natural essential oils of rosemary, lavender and components, which promote healing of the skin: bisabolol and panthenol. In a domestic environment it is recommended to apply the ointment thick layer on foot, preferably after taking a foot bath, then put on warm socks and leave to soak overnight. When "permanent" cracks it is recommended to use the ointment in the morning and evening – until complete healing. It must be remembered, after that the need to prevent the emergence of new cracks, since the use of external agents action serves only for wound, but does not eliminate the causes of.

Medical cream "hydro" restores the lack of lipids and moisture and prevents further outflow last. high-quality components – urea and Glycerin – moisturize the skin, help her tie the moisture and makes it supple. Moreover, Urea softens the horny skin, It leads to delamination flakes and reduces itching.
As support means suitable foam Greppmayera "Kallyuzan Vital" with vitamins A and E. It supports the skin's resistance and "animates" it. If the cause of the formation of cracks – violation of sweating, the main event will be in the treatment of, aimed at normalizing sweating. Here it is important to use home care products "Green balm", "Mint Balm", "Herbal Lotion", "Herbal" (Gehwol).

Also in the treatment of fractures is important nutrition, that affects the skin condition. In order to skin on the feet it was soft, body needs vitamins A and E. They are found in green onions, citrus, carrots, cabbage, Spinach, shtavele, Liver, milk, butter. If your customers will adjust its menu and will adhere to the basic, basic rules, as it is written above, then regardless of the time of year the skin of their feet will be healthy.

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