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fungus treatment in Kherson

To start the recall, that mushrooms, dining on our body, a great number of. Some of them live inside (for example, Candida fungi, cause thrush), and some are settled on the surface of the body. Tornado Medical Group offers you a new effective methods of treatment and prevention of fungal skin and nail lesions (foot fungus and toenail fungus).

Superficial fungi live on the nails and on the skin and inside Wade cannot. Mushroom, that often spoils the fingernails of Midland, is the proud name of "red trihofiton". His cousins, fungi or mushrooms kind Candida, can also penetrate the nails, but there are much less. Sometimes they settle together with trihofitonom, forming a mixed colony.

How to become infected with a fungus?

There is a perception, the fungus infected people with lowered immunity. It is not so. The fungus can enter our body through the wound. If there are small fissures in the skin or nails, scuff from shoe or injured "from the spine of a pedicure, in contact with the fungus you quickly and easily catch. Where there is a market, There is a fungus-nail art-kogo‑to, the kogo‑to between the toes or on the balls of your feet. No wounds-no mildew.
With regard to immunity, If he lowered, the fungus will multiply as fast as possible.

When a person is healthy, the fungus may appear, for example, like a strong peeling the soles of the feet. Many attribute this to the dry skin, but exfoliation is the first signal of impending danger, that could "spill over" to the nails.

What tests are needed?

First doctor fungus is suspected Tornado Mèdikal Groups will be scraping the nail and give it to the microscopic study. As a rule, such a study is sufficient to, to schedule a treatment. In more complicated cases (When on the nail sits a mixed colony of fungi, bad treatable) can be analyzed at seeding. In this case, particles of the nail are sent to the lab, where living on their colony grown, Watch, What fungi nail, and check their reactions to various drugs-antimicotica. One drug, that shows itself in combat with mushrooms better than others, assigned to the patient.

The risk of fungal infection

Foot fungus treatmentThe risk of fungal infection primarily is, the times started, She herself will go nowhere. And in the absence of proper treatment will only grow. Not paying proper attention to the problem you give the fungi an opportunity to stay in you for a long time!

So, for example, you can nail fungus eventually lose it all. In addition to nail fungus is a hotbed of infection and infect other parts of the body, and even if all sources of fungus on the skin of the legs or torso, that this Center will inevitably develop re-infection.

In Addition,, untreated Mycosis this kind doctors regard as open the way for many other diseases infectious character, for example, bacterial.

and forget

If you picked up a fungus, the first thought, plunges in horror: need to remove nails! Before the mind's eye to float pictures from movies about the, How to torture people: Iron tools, blood, screams of terror ...

Hurry please: such procedure almost everywhere a thing of the past. Moreover, not always the treatment you want to remove the nail. Let us first-time small anatomical information.

The nail as the body consists of the nail plate and nail bed. The first is the, that we, properly, and call your fingernail. And the nail bed is immediately under the skin around the nail plate. "Okapyvaetsâ" on fungus nogtevom lodge, Therefore, in the course of treatment is not only to kick him out of the nail plate, but also destroy under fingernail. And it means, under the nail somehow have to get drugs-antimicotica, destroy mushrooms. How to get there?

In the first phase of the disease, When the fungus is just beautiful and still had not managed to take hold of the destruction of the nail, enough external medicines: treatment of varnish or special solution.

If struck by less 40% nail plate, the external medicines are added to the system — that is, tablets. Then the medication penetrates from the outside, through the plate, and delivered with blood, nail supply.

Well, and if with more 40% nail plate, then, you will still need to get rid of nail plate from — only then the drugs will be able to "smooth out" all of the nail bed, destroy all dangerous disputes and to ensure victory over the parasite.

Health To you, all your relatives and friends, as well as the early cure!

Together we can overcome and nail fungus, and foot fungus, and most importantly-your own before treatment!

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