Therapeutic body massage will enhance muscular frame and relieve spasm

Very often to restore bodily functions apply . It has beneficial effects on the treatment of a number of diseases, activates the immune system, strengthens the immune system, toned muscles, helps in rehabilitation after injuries etc.. There are many methods of therapeutic body massage, but only an experienced specialist can tell which one is right for you. However, not all showed this kind of treatment, It is therefore very important to adhere to this procedure to.

Features of therapeutic body massage?

The main, what you need to understand about medical massage is not a panacea for the disease and no remedy, but only part of the complex procedures, used when a disease.

On the other hand even if you treat the problem of clinical methods, without the use of massage, it will not be effective enough. Therapeutic massage of the whole body is not often, commonly used targeted massage effect on individual plots, requiring special attention.

A therapeutic massage usually last from 10 to 30 minutes. It consists of the following sections:

  • induction, the preparatory process for 1-3 minutes;
  • main, differentiated part massage;
  • final, soothing and relaxing part of, 1-3 minutes.

As a rule, course of therapeutic massage is from 10 to 20-minute treatments, agrees However, if necessary you can renew for two-three months, but need to relax between courses from 10 days.

After the massages, relaxation and rest is recommended for half an hour.

Indications for therapeutic body massage

The therapeutic effect of massage has a beneficial impact not only on the surface of the skin receptors, but on deeper layers: muscle, internal organs, vessels, the lymphatic system.

Typically therapeutic massage is applied when:

  • Prevention of decrease in muscle tone skeleton;
  • strong muscle and spazmah loads;
  • removing tension and relaxation of the body;
  • headaches;
  • osteochondrosis, pains of all sections of the spine,
  • all types of arthritis,
  • hypertension and angina pectoris,
  • problems with intestinal,
  • bronchitis and asthmatic manifestations,
  • different types of neuralgia,
  • skin problems,
  • rehabilitation periods after injuries, bruises, fractures, etc..

Therapeutic body massage techniques

In today's practice, the masseur applies dozens of techniques. They are chosen depending on the exposure, which at the moment must be patient. For additional effect good combine massage with therapeutic exercises, physiotherapy and start it in conjunction with a primary illness. Distinguish the main common massage techniques:

  • Classic,
  • segmental.
  • pinpoint.

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Features of classical massage

This type of massage is mainly used in diseases of the musculoskeletal system (spine, muscle, joints, tendon). It also reviews the recovery period in diseases of internal organs. This method basically involves muscular frame and skin., affecting internal organs due to reflex action.

Segmental massage benefits

This technique is similar to the methodology of the classical therapeutic massage. The difference is that, He uses so much back certain areas, which are connected with individual internal organs. As it turned out experts, the status of certain zones of the back may change if those or other diseases of internal organs. Therefore, acting on these sites, We provide a therapeutic effect on organs inside.

Acupressure massage therapy

This technique is one of the most ancient. Each point on our body is connected directly to a body. Therefore, influencing desired point, the masseur can directly affect all divisions of our body. On our body is approximately 365 points, but not always the point of impact is at the same place, where a patient body. In the treatment of different diseases is used set of points, that sent impact.

Contraindications for therapeutic massage

As with all physiotherapeutic procedures, from therapeutic massage has its contraindications. Not to hurt yourself, do not massage, If you have a:

  • Acute respiratory disease,
  • Bleeding,
  • Any Pyo-inflammatory processes in acute stage,
  • Diseases of the skin,
  • Tumors of various localization,
  • Coronary disease,
  • Sclerosis, cerebrovascular,
  • Cardiac or pulmonary insufficiency,
  • Blood diseases, etc..

With proper and regular use of massage therapy will help you with the restoration of the organism and improves quality of life.

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