Medicinal baths

A course of mineral baths can strengthen the body, help him to cope with any illness or recover from illness. You can not leave from Kherson "swim in the sea", lying in the bath with sea salt. Thanks to the bromine ions contained in it, sodium chloride and iodine, taking this curative bath, You can calm your nerves, forget about the stress, improve sleep. After carbonic therapeutic baths, which is useful as a high blood pressure (hypertension 1 and the 2-nd degree), and people with low blood pressure, the person feels refreshed and ready for new victories. After trouble at work, nerve overload and hustle will help relieve physical tension "Pearl bath". Nitrogen baths are so, with skin problems, They also have an analgesic and sedative effect….
Do not forget, that taking therapeutic baths is a medical procedure and only a doctor can assign it, given the State of health of the patient. Our specialists will make the course of balneotherapy, necessary for you.
Medicinal baths -widespread balneotherapeutic procedures, the essence of which is the total immersion of the patient's body or part of it in the water at a certain temperature and chemical composition. Medicinal baths are divided into General, belt and local. And are differentiated by a temperature: cold (below 20), cool (20-30), indifferent (34-37), warm (37-40) and hot (above 40). The therapeutic effects of therapeutic baths is an integrated positive effect on a patient's skin hydrostatic water pressure, Special gidrosolej and concentrates, dissolved in it and the temperature factor.
Quite often the medicinal baths is used not only in the treatment of diseases, the outer layers of the body, but internal organs. Healing baths a beneficial effect on the organism of a patient holistically: and water temperature, and its mechanical impact, and curative effect of the medicinal component. Nutrients in easily penetrate the skin, covered with blood and selectively affect the organs and systems of the human body. In addition to this, during the procedure is clear pores, through the slag, is body Detox. Using the integrated effects of relaxation is achieved, stress relief, humidification, surface reminiralizaciâ.
Procedures in a professional therapeutic bath showing in the treatment:
  • excess weight, Obesity
  • Cellulite
  • perifiričeskoj nervous system pathologies
  • perifiričeskih vascular pathologies
  • stiffness of joints
  • degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis, spondilesis, sciatica
  • effects of dislocation, sprains, fractures
  • chronic colitis and constipation
  • depression, chronic stress, etc.
Widely known species such as the medicinal baths:
  • Vinegar bath
  • Salt bath
  • Pine baths
  • Soda bath
  • Manganese bath
Still not quite usual for us, but no less useful for skin and body bath:
  • A clay bath
  • Kuporosnaja bath
  • Kvastsovye baths
Take medicinal baths only on the advice of a doctor and under its supervision. Doctor in each case on the basis of a disease determines the mode of therapeutic baths (temperature, duration, the frequency of).
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