Laser blefarolifting-effective skin rejuvenation technique 21

One of the main directions of aesthetic medicine is the patient's body and facial rejuvenation. Many plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures are performed with the aim of eliminating age-related changes. Some patients enough hardware or injectable cosmetic techniques, in other cases, the signs of aging from the face of the erase helps surgical operation. But now, with the advent of new technologies, aesthetic medicine may offer an alternative operations. Laser technology no less effectively cope with age-related changes.

The effectiveness and benefits of the procedure of laser blefaroliftinga

Laser blefarolifting is an effective methodology for skin tightening upper and lower eyelids. This modern, minimally invasive procedure is performed via transkon″ûnktival′nyj access, that is, on an external century fails incision, thus, the procedure is less traumatic, than traditional blepharoplasty.

and through the application of modern laser equipment achieves maximum effect with minimal trauma to tissues.

The results of the laser blefaroliftinga the patient may rate fast enough, because rehabilitation took a fairly short period of time.

Laser blefarolifting:

  • indications and contraindications for laser blefaroliftinga;
  • the technique of laser blefaroliftinga and rehabilitation period;
  • advantages of laser blefaroliftinga before other methods.

Indications and contraindications for laser blefaroliftinga

Laser blefarolifting provides highest efficiency in combating skin problems 21:

  • decrease in elasticity and drooping eyelids;
  • the formation of wrinkles in the paraorbital area;
  • drooping eyelids;
  • Education «bags» and hernias;
  • visible excess tissue;
  • drooping eyebrows.

Laser blefarolifting is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation, If there are any cancer localization, as well as when significantly expressed minor skin, Since classical blepharoplasty in this case will be more effective.

The technique of laser blefaroliftinga and rehabilitation period

Laser procedure starts with a blefaroliftinga of anesthesia and perform incisions in conjunctiva field using laser beam. The procedure is not accompanied by bleeding, because the laser coagulates tissue through simultaneously with damaged blood vessels. Further, the doctor follows the technology, which was chosen individually for each patient, after which the incisions are sutured absorbable with suture material, and superimposed a special armband. Recovery after laser procedure takes not more than blefaroliftinga 3 days, but full healing can be observed already after one to two weeks.

Advantages of laser blefaroliftinga before other methods

Laser blefarolifting has many advantages over other methods of correction of age-related changes of paraorbital area:

  • the technique of laser blefaroliftinga is less traumatic, after it often does not occur and you do not want the complications of a long rehabilitation period;
  • After laser blefaroliftinga leaves no scars;
  • guaranteed transkon″ûnktival′nogo blefaroliftinga can be combined with other procedures, such as laser resurfacing.

Laser blefarolifting is one of the newest techniques, which is effectively used for the rejuvenation of eyelids.

Minimal invasiveness and high operation result make laser blefarolifting one of the most popular methods of correction of paraorbital area.

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