Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction, Hollywood liposuction or Smart Lipo.

How to really lose weight Hollywood stars?

The newest technology of non-surgical removal of excess fat, practically, from any area of ​​the body. The fact that only yesterday seemed impossible for plastic surgery, being addressed as comfortable as possible, and effectively and safely. For example, deposits of fat in the chin, the cheeks or arms were out of reach for classical liposuction (liposuction).

Another revolutionary invention in the world of health and beauty is a technology Smartlipo. Many Hollywood stars have time to experience this "miracle" procedure, that will remove excess killogramy, as well as to achieve a significant improvement in the shape.

Technology Smartlipo

Until recently, have used and continue to use two basic methods of liposuction-mechanical (or vacuum) and ultrasonic.

In 2007 year, our clinic is the first in Ukraine became the newest equipment for laser liposuction-SMART LIPO.

Advantage Laser liposuction before other methods of liposuction are exceptional vozdejsivie laser on adipose cell (evaporation of subcutaneous fat) and at the same time "bonding" vessels, stimulation of collagen and elastin (skin tightening).

Laser lipomodelirovanie is the simultaneous removal of fat deposits and tightening of the skin.

Procedure Smartlipo

During the procedure, that lasts about 20 min, minimize complications such as blood loss, hematoma, local swelling and visible incisions. one of the main advantages of, the classical techniques of liposuctions is necessary in a general anaesthesia. Low invasiveness method allows you to leave no trace, and minimizes recovery time.

SMARTLIPO-opens new horizons in the field of treatment of excess body fat and gives you the opportunity to opt-out from the usual method of liposuction, for laser lipolysis.

Laser lipolysis allows you to process the body is not amenable to the classic types of liposuction:

buccal and Chin area, forearm, the area above the knees, as well as applied to lipomodelirovaniâ, eliminate cellulite, fat deposits, treatment of Hyperhidrosis, psevdoginekomastii and Lipoma.

Using the latest laser techniques may secure the rejuvenation 10-15 years!

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4 Comments on record “Laser Liposuction”

  1. Julia says:

    Hello. Interest rates on laser liposuction. Come to your city on 2 weeks. Would like to make the abdomen and another on the advice of a doctor.

    • Tornado says:

      Hello. Laser lipolysis abdomen: the lower part of the – 10000 UAH, top – 7500, lateral area – 5000 UAH, jelektroaspiracija – 700 UAH. Recovery time – about 10 days, necessary tests can be done on the day of surgery or the day before. After examination it will be possible to recommend, which zones should be processed and forecast. Regards. Tornado.

  2. Lily says:

    Hello. Interest rates on laser liposuction face .

    • Tornado says:

      Answer. Hello. Laser lipolysis cheeks worth 4000 UAH, Chin – 5000 UAH, aspiration – 1000 UAH. Depending on the situation, Laser liposuction procedure may be supplemented by DOT, nitevym lifting, lipograftingom. Regards. Tornado.

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