Attending training courses in Chiropody

1. course syllabus "pedicure"

  • The rules of customer service in the Office of a pedicure. Psychology of Communication, hygiene, efficiency.
  • Anatomy of the Skin Nails.
  • Fungal and parasitic diseases of nails, mycosis, Warts, Dermatitis
  • Deformation of the feet and nails, ingrown toenail, Corn, corns / hyperkeratoses, crack, modern and traditional ways of their removal and treatment
  • Prevention of diseases of the nails
  • Contraindications to massage pedicure and feet
  • Modern means of sterilization and disinfection
  • Cut the skin tool
  • Tools and materials for pedicure
  • Rules and technique pedicure
  • Classic pedicure
  • European pedicure
  • SPA – pedicure;
  • Deluxe pedicure.
  • Aromatherapy in pedicure.
  • Grinding problem nails.
  • Technique of wrapping the legs.
  • Modeling nail lines.
  • Exfoliating Foot Scrub.
  • Foot mask.
  • Foot massage ankle boot.
  • Warm paraffin treatment.
  • Processing of cold wax.
  • Tools and recipes against Hyperhidrosis, fatigue, foot peeling.
  • Recommendations for home care.
  • Options for applying Nail Polish, depending on the form of nails.
  • Change the shape of deformed nails by using nail tips for feet.
  • Toe nail decoration art (nail art, French, rhinestones, rings, patterns).
  • Pedicure.
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2 Comments on record “Attending training courses in Chiropody”

  1. Valeria says:

    сколько стоят курсы по педекюру?

    • Tornado says:

      Продолжительность курса 1 months, cost 5 500 UAH. По завершению курса Вы получаете свидетельство о присвоении квалификации на украинском и английском языках.
      В курс входят:
      основы медицинских знаний (строение кожи, ногтя, заболевания кожи и ногтей);
      классический педикюр, hardware, биопедикюр;
      особое внимание уделяется работе с проблемной стопой, основам подологии (Corn, corns, вросшие ногти и т.д.).

      Курс проходит индивидуально, преподаватель Донева Ирина- ведущий специалист подолог в городе.

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