Hairdressing courses in Kherson

Academy of Aesthetic Medicine Dr. Andreeva - this is the first licensed school in Ukraine, which has all the necessary conditions for successful learning the latest trends in health and beauty: offers hairdressing courses at the Academy of the tornado Mèdikal Group

The "barber"

  • Equipment, tools and equipment hair salon;
  • Vypolneniyamuzhskih technology and women's haircuts;
  • Materials Science (study drugs, used in hairdressing);
  • Diagnosis of the client's hair with further advice;
  • Fashion trends of modern hair styling;
  • Modeling hairstyles;
  • Modern hair care;
  • Testing of modern methods of hair styling;
  • The modern silhouette, form, styling;
  • Modern methods of coloring. Combined hair coloring. Classification of modern products for hair coloring. Properties and technological features of modern colors. Different types of dyeing. Relationship of form and color;
  • The development of modern methods of haircuts. Performing contemporary women's and men's haircuts;
  • The development of modern methods of chemical wave. Current drugs for permed hair. Features of drugs, their properties, selection of the structure for different hair. Various schemes for hair bobbin winding. Long hair perm and its technological features.
  • Features modelirovaniyaprichesok of long volos.Osobennosti care for long hair. The main principles of modeling evening hairstyles of long hair. Methods styling long hair. Current trends in evening hairstyles of long hair.
  • Psychology and ethics of communication with the customer.

Barber School

  • courses Hairdressers
  • hairdressing courses in Nikolaev
  • курсы парикмахера в херсоне
  • hairdressing courses Nikolaev

"A hair colorist"

  • Tsvetovedenie;
  • Tons and tons glubina;
  • Digital and letter of the hair color and dyes;
  • Staining tone on tone;
  • Staining in bright colors;
  • Staining in dark tones;
  • Blondirovanie;
  • Toning;
  • Get the color;
  • Expert coloristics;
  • Creative coloristics.

The "stylist"

  • Modeling hairstyles;
  • Modern make-up combined with modern hairstyle;
  • Trendy perms and colouring techniques;
  • Study of modern styling techniques and methods of laying.

Registration for courses

Right now you can enroll in a course of Tornado Medical Group. After receiving your application you must contact the Coordinator of courses in order to inform more detailed.

You can also enroll by calling prozvoniv:
(0552) 49 24 32; 050 396 36 55

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  1. Ekaterina says:

    Good afternoon! Interested in the cost of training program “Hairdresser” and “Hairdresser- colorist”. How is the training in groups or individually? How many hours of academic course takes? Thank you!

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,course held “Hairdresser”.The basic course is targeted at 4 Months of Training:hairstyle,stacking,perms,volos.Gruppy staining no more 4 As the formation chelovek.po,schedule soglasov.s prepodavatelem.Instrument,as a rule,recommended to get your(the teacher will advise the pattern during training)Cost 12500 UAH.

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