Manicure courses in Kherson

Академия Эстетической Медицины доктора Андреевой - This is the first licensed school in Ukraine, which has all the necessary conditions for successful learning the latest trends in health and beauty: offers курсы маникюрand on the basis of the Academy of the tornado Mèdikal Group.

курсы маникюра Николаев

Программа курса “Маникюр”

  • Rules of Customer Service, psychology of communication, hygiene, efficiency.
  • Anatomy of the skin and nails.
  • Fungal and parasitic diseases of the skin and nails, mycosis, Warts, Dermatitis.
  • The deformation of nails, burr, hotshot writer, gemotoma.
  • Prevention of diseases of nails.
  • Recommendations for home-based care for your hands.
  • Funds from cuts.
  • Modern means of disinfection and sterilization.
  • Contraindications to manicure.
  • Materials and tools for manicure.
  • Terms and technique of nail polish.
  • Classic/traditional/manicure.
  • French/French/manicure.
  • Chevron – manicure.
  • American manicure.
  • Manicure “Beverly Hills”.
  • Men's manicure.
  • Children's manicure.
  • European manicure.
  • Dry manicure / hardware /.
  • Hot manicure.
  • SPA – manicure.
  • Deluxe manicure.
  • Hardware manicure.
  • Polishing nails using therapeutic oils.
  • Rassloyka nails, reasons.
  • The treatment program for troubled and deformed nails.
  • Funds from peeling, porasneniya, sweating hands.
  • Repair broken nails.
  • Peeling of hands.
  • Hand masks.
  • Cold hand treatment with paraffin.
  • Warm paraffin hand treatment.
  • Aromatherapy manicure.
  • Nail Polish, the modern technique of applying Nail Polish, speed drying.
  • Art decoration nail: nail art, body piercing, rhinestones. konfeti, foil, Paint, patterns.

Manicure courses

  • курсы маникюр
  • Manicure courses
  • Kursi manicure
  • Manicure courses
курсы маникюра Николаев

Registration for courses

Right now you can enroll in a course of Tornado Medical Group. After receiving your application you must contact the Coordinator of courses in order to inform more detailed.

You can also enroll by calling prozvoniv:
(0552) 49 24 32; 050 396 36 55

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Further questions

  For an appointment please call the Tornado Medical Group
(0552) 49 24 32
050 396 36 55
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4 Comments on record “Manicure courses in Kherson”

  1. Anna says:

    Hello!!!Wanted to ask. How long is the training???How are these courses??What you need from me?(((Manicure courses))

    • Tornado says:

      training in manicure-pedicure
      takes 2 months of heavy duty, every day, sat. and vskr.
      A set of groups is not required, You can start with any convenient for you day.

      Documents required for admission: copy of passport, a copy of the document on education, 3 Photo 3*4.
      For a form: White honey. bathrobe and interchangeable shoes.

      The cost of the course 4000 UAH.

      For any additional questions you can contact us by phone. 050 396 36 55; 0552 49 24 32

  2. Irina says:

    Hello, materials for practical exercises your purchase immediately, or if you want to own and where? At the end of the courses is given a diploma or certificate? How does it help protect?

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon.
      On the course you obespečivaetes′ all the necessary consumables.
      At the end of the course exam for rent and get a certificate with your application.

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