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Академия Эстетической Медицины доктора Андреевой - This is the first licensed school in Ukraine, which has all the necessary conditions for successful learning the latest trends in health and beauty: offers beautician courses at the Academy Tornado Medikal Group.

rates of cosmetologists Nikolaev


The basics of Dermatology

The structure of the skin: Anatomy, Physiology, histology skin types;

Common problems and diseases of the skin;

Diagnosis and treatment of tumors, as well as the most common skin diseases: Dermatitis, Acne, demodekoza;

Influence of internal disorders and diseases and hormonal status on the skin;

Features of the structure of the skin in both men and women.

Aging of the skin and the basic principles of anti-aging therapy

School of Cosmetology

  • Cosmetology school
  • Cosmetology classes
  • beautician certificate
  • Cosmetology training center

Factors and types of aging

Coping with aging, correction of age-related changes;

Toxins and detoxification. Diagnosis of the condition of the body;

The exclusive technology of rejuvenation. Package.

Bases of Cosmetology

Asepsis and antisepsis, personal safety;

Requirements for workplace beautician, part of the equipment of the modern cosmetic Cabinet;

The classification of substances in cosmetics, the main ingredients of cosmetic products;

Preparation of the patient: make-up removers, cleansers and face peels.

rates of cosmetologists Nikolaev, training the cosmetologist in Nikolaev

Facial skin care

Definition of skin types and care;

Skin cleansing. Types, the stages, Tools, Toolkit;

Peels: views, testimony, contraindications;

Professional cosmetics

Types, manufacturers, the principal differences;

Effects on the skin, How to use, features of the application;

Professional and home care. Preparation of complexes and individual programmes;

Cosmeceuticals – the combination of Cosmetology and Pharmacology.

Massage techniques

Indications and limitations;

Basic techniques and movements;

Different types and their features;

Combining different methods.

Hardware cosmetology

General physiotherapeutic methods, used in cosmetics;

Hardware techniques and procedures in cosmetology and indications for use:

Electrophoresis, ultrasound, vapazon, round brush, electroplating, disencrustation, Cosmetic equipment, myostimulation, lymphatic drainage, darsonvalization, laser therapy, phototherapy, vacuum, microcurrents, radiowave therapy.

Beauty combines: principles of operation, the need to use;

Hardware techniques in anti-cellulite programmes: vacuum roller massage, Mesotherapy, use of the laser, pressure therapy, hydro massage and other types of massage and body wraps.

Hair Removal

Types. Contra-advantages and disadvantages.;

Training, care. Equipment.

SPA care

Cutting-edge SPA technology. Peculiarities of organization and equipment;

Basics of SPA procedures: body wraps, floatacii, Hydro-, balneotherapy and much more.

"Injection of beauty»

Kinds and indications;

Advantages and disadvantages of;

Limitations and possible complications.

Possibility of plastic surgery

Features and indications. Advantages and disadvantages of;

Basic methods;

Postoperative professional care.

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Registration for courses

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31 Comments on record “Beauty courses”

  1. Alena says:

    is there a beautician course in Nikolaev?

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon! Training Center is located in Kherson and courses are conducted only on the basis of our Center.

  2. Anastasia says:

    Good afternoon! Help please, What is now the cost and duration of courses kosmetolga ( in the presence of secondary medical education)? Thank you.

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,

      Term of education on a speciality the cosmetologist 3 Months,
      now able to offer summer intensive 2 Months (classes start in July)
      The cost of the course 7500-00 UAH.

  3. Irina says:

    Good afternoon! Be kind, tell in Nikolaev now there are courses on Cosmetology?

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon, Irina,

      Training base only in Kherson,
      beginning of classes 2 September, cost 7500 UAH.
      The training course takes place in an intensive mode
      every day, except sat and Sun. and is designed for 3 Months of Training.

  4. Nastya says:

    hello, can I take courses without honey education?

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon, Nastya

      The required basic course in medical knowledge you get on our courses.
      Cosmetology course is designed for three months training,
      classes are every day, except sat and Sun. Cost 7500 UAH.
      Beginning of classes 1 February.

      Additional questions by phone. 050 396 36 55; 0552 49 24 32

  5. Anya says:

    I am interested in cosmetology course duration 3 Months.
    What time classes?
    Number of people per group?

    • Tornado says:

      Hello! Classes are held in an intensive mode every day from Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 15:00. The number of students to 10 people in the Group. You are a set group of may 2016 year, Enroll by phone or come to our clinic.

  6. Tornado says:

    Good afternoon, the cost of the course 15600 UAH.(3 Months)
    With uv.Tornado MG

  7. Tatyana says:

    hello,I interisuyut beautician courses in summer vremya.U me med.obrazovanie.Kakaya price and duration 2mes or 3 mes.Spasibo for the answer Tatiana Andrlova

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,It is currently being set in the group in March 2018 g. Complete basic course is designed for 3 month podgotovki.zanyatiya are in intensive rezhime.kazhdy den.krome Sat.,and Sunday., with 9.00 to 12.00, the first two weeks ,then 9.00 to 15.00 (330 akadem.chasov).
      The cost of the course “Beautician ” 15 600 grn.Na summer tentatively set for June
      With uv.Tornado MG

  8. Anastasia says:

    Prompt, I'm from the Dnieper, but I want to be trained by you. I am interested in the course, "beautician" . Prompt, is it possible to pay for training units, in the learning process (napimer divided into 3 months) ? Thank you

  9. Lera says:

    Good afternoon!I am interested in a course “Beautician”.Say,please,when the beginning of classes and what the cost of training?

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon, course “Beautician” – 15600 UAH. The group began their studies with 12.03.2018 g. The next set for the summer.
      With uv.Tornado MG

  10. Tatyana says:

    Hello. Hoity-toity , do you have a part-time learning system a beautician?

    • Tornado says:

      The course of training in the specialty ” Cosmetology” It does not provide for distance learning. The course lasts for 3 Months of Training (330 akadem.chasov), Classes are held in intensive mode, every day, except Sat and Sun , with 9 to 12 first two weeks, then 9 to 15.

  11. Nina says:

    Hello. Tell me, You spend courses in Nikolaev?

    • Tornado says:

      Hello, All courses take place on the basis of the Academy of Aesthetic Medicine “Tornado”, so the training is carried out only in Mr. Herson.

  12. Elena says:

    Good afternoon! Refresher courses contouring, price and duration? Thank you!

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,

      Academy of Aesthetic Medicine “Tornado” conducts training courses “Mesotherapy and Biorevitalization”
      MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR STUDENTS:availability of medical education (secondary or higher) and a basic course in cosmetology.
      The cost of the course 9 500 UAH. held individually. duration 1 Sunday 3 /den.V hour course fee includes the needle and cannula,tubes plazmoterapii. Testing models, for security model, It will be carried out by a plasma .

  13. cry says:

    Good afternoon ,gain knowledge in contouring is possible only with honey. formation ?

    • Tornado says:

      Yes, for a course of mesotherapy and biorevitalisation mandatory requirement for students – availability of medical education (secondary or higher) and a basic course in cosmetology .

  14. Julia says:

    Hello. How much are the cosmetology courses, and whether you need a medical degree. Thank you

    • Tornado says:

      Hello. course Fee 15600. Medical education is not necessarily. Is set for a new group. Beginning of classes 18 June.

      MC Tornado

  15. Julia says:

    Good afternoon,I want to take courses beautician at your clinic. interested in duration , form of training, cost, document,outstanding at the end of the course?Thank you)

    • Tornado says:

      course duration 3 Months. cost 15600. training takes place 5 days a week 9 to 15.00 either 11.30 to 17.00. The first month of the theory of anatomy and cosmetology rest 2 practice. After completing this course you will get an A4 certificate, certificate- book in Ukrainian and English, dodatok of intercepted items. Reception of documents has already started, 18 June beginning of classes. You need a photocopy of the passport,code,about education diploma 3 3x4 photo.

      MC Tornado

  16. Julia says:

    Good afternoon, on 18 June unfortunately do not have time, not unnecessarily in Kherson, and when it is expected to be the next set of a beautician courses?

    • Tornado says:

      Hello. The next course will begin cosmetologists about the middle of September. The more detail you can learn by number 095414 76 44

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