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Tornado MG with 1992 It has been providing all the conditions for successful learning the latest trends in the field of beauty and health:

  • Vocational training is conducted in accordance with the highest standards.
  • Lectures combined with practical exercises and independent work, that allows high-quality master a wide set of techniques and procedures.
  • Co-operation with the best experts and high ranking, can successfully address issues of employment.
  • The constant exchange of experience with leading teaching centers, as well as manufacturing companies.
  • The base is equipped with all the necessary training and modern technology, the widest range of techniques, including the most complex, advanced and expensive.

Announces a set of courses contouring in Kherson

The course program:

1. Overview of modern and reliable products for the professional contouring treatments.

Classification of drugs – nebiodegradiruemye and biodegradable (absorbable) implants.

Commercial aspects of the application of various kinds of filler.

Selection of patients. Statement, contraindications.

Initial consultation

2. Methodology procedures and workflow.

Non-surgical facial lifting techniques.

Combined application of filler of different density to simulate facial contours. The use of equipment bioarmirovaniâ.

New technology the most prolonged result.

Translation of "old age" in the triangle triangle "youth".

The secret of lip shape correction-trendy trends.

Therapeutic blepharoplasty. Fix deep nasolabial grooves.

3. Parsing errors and complications.

Target organ complications and control.

Emergency measures in the event of a vessel ischemia filler.

4. Analysis of complex cases and unusual situations in practice when working with fillers. Questions and answers.

The practical part is in the individual work of students with each zone correction (Master Class, work under the supervision of a teacher)

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4 Comments on record “Courses contouring”

  1. Elena says:

    Hello! I have secondary medical education (orthopedic dentistry, Dental Technician), as well as a diploma cosmetologist aesthetists. Do I have the right to carry out contour plastic? What is the cost and terms of education? How many people in the group? I am from Nikolaev.

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,a mandatory requirement for students:availability of medical education(secondary or higher )and a basic course in kosmetologii.Kurs requires no set gruppy.Grafik agreed with teachers,duration 1 Sunday – 15000 UAH.
      With uv.Tornado MG

      • Elena says:

        That is training individually?The price includes all additional costs or assumed? can, Payment fillers or something else?

        • Tornado says:

          Good afternoon,

          Academy of Aesthetic Medicine "Tornado" conducts training courses "Mesotherapy and biorevitalization"
          MANDATORY REQUIREMENT FOR STUDENTS:availability of medical education (secondary or higher) and a basic course in cosmetology.
          The cost of the course 9 500 UAH. held individually. duration 1 Sunday 3 /den.V hour course fee includes the needle and cannula,tubes plazmoterapii. Testing models, for security model, It will be carried out by a plasma .

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