Beautiful skin after weight loss-myth or real possibility?

Cosmetologists have long known the paradox, When a woman looses weight, to look younger, but with the loss of body weight her skin heavily loses tone, and as a result of stringent diets lover starts to look even older than their years. This is particularly so with the women after the age of forty years, When the skin after losing weight does not have sufficient own resources to "retain" person. Patient, seeking to lose weight, you need to explain the importance of Cosmetology this process escorts.

What will the skin after weight loss, depends on preparation to diet

Sorry, not always patient cosmetologist, planning properly lose weight, consult with your doctor about supporting activities for the skin. If plans worth a weight reduction of more than five kilos, the process of with excess body weight must take place in parallel with the skin care. If the patient is younger 30 years, then her, It is quite possible, stop and home care, and the tone of her skin quite cope with the loss of even 10-15 kg weight. But older patients should know, that skin problems after intensive weight loss can become very serious, not fact, that would prove to be unable to cope with them.

The cornerstone of the entire period of the diet should be two mandatory daily activities for the skin: This cleansing and moisturizing.

Intense fat burning process is accompanied by an active breeding products of metabolism, including through skin. To maintain the skin during the preparation and the start of the diet need to recommend the patient home care program:

  • Intensive cleaning products for your skin type, preferably with a good foaming;
  • moisturizing serums or concentrates;
  • in the presence of vascular problems-soothing serum, that it is desirable to apply in the evenings;
  • 2-3 times per week apply soft masks moisturizers and exfoliants.

In the cabin you need to hold the patient, started an intensive process of weight loss, deep cleansing procedure, remove dead skin particles, align the epithelium, thoroughly moisten the skin.

At this stage, it is not recommended to chemical peels and injections, Laser facial cleansing, but it is quite appropriate to be fluids peels and superficial dermabrasion.

What determines the health and beauty of the skin after weight loss

In the process of intensive weight loss, When the diet program provides for the loss of about 200 g body weight per day, recommended weekly Salon treatments professional care-massage, microcurrents, Ultrasonic impact, ионофорез. Moreover, the patient will need to recommend more intensive home care:

  • daily firming serums and concentrates;
  • Active night cream with peptides, vitamin e;
  • active cleansing procedure.

During an intensive slimming reparative abilities of the skin significantly reduced, but because the funds are contraindicated with acids and retinoid, procedures with heavy effects on the skin.

To skin after losing weight look supple and fresh, should not resort to such procedures as mechanical cleansing, median and deep peels-skin resources recovery at this time reduced, but because of the high risk of provoking inflammation and infection, and healing processes will proceed slowly and with complications.

The skin continue to nourish and moisturize, appropriate superficial chemical peels for refreshment, electrophoresis for introduction of cosmetic products, Microcurrent therapy and radio.

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