Nazarova O..

Specialization: Beautician
Education: Beauty Academy Tornado
International School of massage named Yevgeny Rodionov: course musculo-structural chiromassage, venous drainage
Refresher courses and certificates: Danne, Obagi, Academie lab Erricson, Holyland.
A teacher at an international school in tornado, Kherson

2015 year-3-stage course mastered chiromassage» school Eugenia Radionova, g. Kiev

Internship, training Biolodžik Rešers

Training and internship Aura Shock

The basic directions of activity: Uhodovye procedure, face massage,Neck, décolleté, peels, hardware techniques,

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(0552) 49 24 32
050 396 36 55
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