Beautician – V. T..

Tatiana Isayeva.



Work experience — 10 years.


Kherson Medical College.

Cosmetology courses at the Academy of scientific beauty tornado.

Certified esthetician-esthetician International Association of cosmetologists of Eastern Europe on the use of new methodologies and facials DMK, Zeyno Obadži, Biolodžik Recherche, Biorevitalization and Mesotherapy cocktails Platinum collection Promo-Italy, Melis, Multiple winner of competitions "the Beautician of the year", reward travel-Riga, Prague, Exhibitions, congresses.

Professional skills:

Owns all the modern techniques in cosmetology: peeling, cleaning, face and cleavage massage, instrumental cosmetology, Mesotherapy, phototherapy, epilation and depilation.

Has experience with problem, age, sensitive skin care.


  For an appointment please call the Tornado Medical Group
(0552) 49 24 32
050 396 36 55
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  1. Olga says:

    Tatyana best cosmetologist! I began to look younger and more confident! thank you very much!

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