Cosmetics Danne (DMK)

Danne Montague King is a famous cosmetic brand from United States. The makeup was designed by scientists, Dr. biochemical Sciences M.k. Danne (Danne Montague King). Professional American cosmetics Danne-one of the best in the United States and Europe. In its production uses innovative scientific developments in the field of modern cosmetics. Funds from this American cosmetics line affect biochemical processes, occurring in the cells of the skin, using enzymes, amino acids and vegetable oils.

Care with cosmetics Danne shows when:

  • Oleosa;
  • Age-related changes of the skin;
  • Acne and its implications;
  • Rosacea;
  • Hyperpigmentation;
  • Rosacea;
  • Cellulite;

Cosmetics Danne in Kherson is an indispensable attribute in the hands of a qualified specialist Tornado MG, that allows you to perform a variety of tasks. The development of These lines were conducted by Dr. Chemical Sciences on behalf of Danne Montague-King (abbr.. M. To Danne). It is a treatment program, care and healing of the skin with the use of enzyme systems, vegetable oils, amino acids, who can perform specific effect on biochemical processes of the skin. Danne system called "purification-restore-protection" is polnoob″ëmnoj 3-hstupenčatoj program, that will help cure skin professional.


THESE treatments are for those, WHO NEEDS A RESULT!

More 1000 our customers prefer the aesthetic result and pharmaceutical quality drugs DMK in Kherson.

All our professional procedures give the desired result, Thanks to our professional beauticians, individual approach and cosmetics DANNE.

Method of natural Pharmacology DANNE (DUNNE) created, to solve problems of any complexity. Treatment protocols allow you to achieve amazing results and permanently fasten the effect. Company DANNE 45 years. 7000 clinics in 20 countries work on this cosmetics.

In Tornado MG Kherson successfully solve the problems of the skin with makeup Dunne (DMK) in the following directions::

  • Acne and postacne;
  • Couperose;
  • Age syndrome;
  • Pigmentation.
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