Correction of problem skin: pathogenesis and mechanisms of treatment of acne on your face

The task of the sebaceous glands is fat, which is intended to protect and strengthen skin. However, due to mismanagement,, the negative impact of environmental factors Wednesday, hormonal levels and malnutrition sebaceous glands begin to work correctly, that entails the appearance of acne. Chronic, frequent relapses and resistance to therapy is frequent among patients with Acne. Drugs, designed for the correction of skin effective in treating acne on the face by restoring normal sebum formation process, suppress inflammation and narrowing of enlarged pores. The result is texture and colour are normalized, comedones disappear.

Provoking factors, evoking the appearance of acne on your face

Acne is a chronic inflammatory disease, characterized by occlusion of the sebaceous glands and the increased sebum formulation.

Acne can appear on oily, and for normal skin.


Factors, conducive to the development of acne:

  • hormone status (When you raise Androgen levels the sebaceous glands are high intensity, showing particular sensitivity to such hormones);
  • Zinc deficiency (the smaller the zinc in the body of the patient, the stronger acne expressed by virtue of 5α-reductase activity);
  • hot and humid climate;
  • stress (enhanced formulation of male hormones androgens, that stress triggers the pituitary gland, leads to increased sebum secretion);
  • certain medicines;
  • ingredients of cosmetic products, block your pores and cause skin irritation;
  • pathology of lipid metabolism (high levels of free fatty acids on the skin surface is observed as a result of modifications of chemical composition of sebum);
  • mechanical hand-cleansing procedure.

In order to successfully treat acne on the face, it is very important to diagnose in the early stages of the disease, hold the correct clinical assessment and promptly assign effective and safe drugs, based on the clinical form of the disease.

Below we describe the features:

  • the pathogenesis of acne and determine the form of the disease;
  • mechanism of treatment of acne on the skin.

Pathogenesis of acne on the skin and the determination of the degree of severity of the disease

The main components of the pathogenesis of acne on the face are:

  1. Over-production of sebum

This issue is specific to Seborrhea. Most sebaceous glands located in the t-zone (forehead, nostrils, chin). Hypersecretion of sebum can appear as a result of high levels of androgens and/or density of receptors sebocytes.

  1. Follicular Hyperkeratosis

Follicular Hyperkeratosis called violation processes keratinization in places, where to open the discharge floodplain sebaceous glands-mouths of hair follicles. As a result of the Hyperkeratosis in the Sebaceous Gland is broken outflow and accumulation of secretions, that leads to the formation of mikrokomedonov and, over time,, Cystic cavities in the follicle.

  1. Activation of bacterial flora and inflammation

Although, that the bacteria themselves are not the cause of acne on your face, they play a role in local inflammatory processes, propagating inside the Crown of the follicle. Proteolytic enzymes, allocated bacteria P. Acne, violate permeability and provoke inflammation due to content falling follicle in the DermIS.


Effective mechanisms to treat acne on your face

Preliminary treatment plan, which consists of the following items, the doctor determines after staging a clinical diagnosis.

  1. Cleansing and detoxification.
  2. Keratoliticheskaja therapy.
  3. Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial therapy.
  4. Normalization of sebaceous excretions.
  5. Restoring water-lipid balance.

To effectively treat acne on your face dermatocosmetologist necessarily collects all information about the State of health of a patient, conducts a full clinical examination and sends the necessary analyses.

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