Wrinkle correction with Radiesse (Radies)

Volûmajzer Radiesse ™ (Radies) – unique dermal filler based on calcium hydroxyapatite, providing non-surgical facelift and long-term correction of wrinkles. He works as a filler and stimulates the production of collagen. Unlike filler with hyaluronic acid, Radiesse ™ (Radies) provides no correction on 4-9 months, and on the 12-15 and longer. It is a safe and well studied drug, that does not cause an inflammatory reaction in tissues, do not migrate and eventually completely eliminated from the body.

Triple effect prolorgirovannoj with collagen stimulation

To look younger, It's not enough to simply get rid of individual wrinkles. The secret of youth-volumes, that are lost with age as a result of the destruction of natural collagen. A young person has the form of the Latin Letter V.
In his youth, more dense and elastic skin, and facial contours are crisp and symmetrical, cheekbones and Chin to form a triangle, call up a wide base, This face shape is sometimes called “triangle of beauty”
With age comes the loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin and muscles, subcutaneous fat is reduced and redistributed, oval face loses clear contours and V-shape person flips over a wide base at the bottom. As a result of these changes the face looks postarevšim, regardless of whether, the location and depth of wrinkles.


Radiesse ™ (Radies) Returns the face young V-form: He makes up for lost volume there, where it is necessary, in doing so, wrinkles, Collagen production is stimulated, tighten your cheeks, and restores a youthful face.


Contour PLASTY using drug Radiesse ™ (Radiess) allows you to solve a wide range of skin problems. These include:
recovering volumes in the field of school and cheeks,
hands rejuvenation,
non-surgical Rhinoplasty – correction of nasal,
correction of facial contours and Chin (non-surgical facelift),
removing nasolabial folds and wrinkles puppets.


Treatment with Radiesse ™ (Radies)

Injection procedure lasts 30-60 minute, It is painless, leaves no pronounced swelling and allows you to immediately return to normal activities.
To reduce the pain when carrying out injection the doctor may apply volûmajzer Radiesse ™ (Radies) simultaneously with the anesthetic lidocaine. This method is approved by the United States Office for FDA food and drug administration (FDA).

You need to know, that wrinkle correction drug Radies has the right to a doctor, that was trained and received a certificate of, giving him the right to use it in practice.

How does Radiesse ™?

Radiesse ™ (Radies) consists of synthetic calcium hydroxyapatite microspheres (CaHA) (30%), suspended in an aqueous gel-medium (70%).
Calcium hydroxyapatite particles (CaHA) produced from grains produced by the original substances smaller than a micron. These grains are connected during high temperature processing in microspheres
• CaHA Microspheres (calcium hydroxyapatite) have the same shape, size varies from 25 to 45 microns in diameter
• Ions Ca2 and PO3- are natural components of the teeth and bones, that makes them notoriously safe and biocompatible
Calcium hydroxyapatite filler composed of CaHA Radiesse ™ (Radies) not a bone, This inorganic constituent of tooth tissue and bone
• Gel-medium holds microspheres together.

Here is the wrinkle to injection
1. the effect of:
Quick correction 1:1
Immediately after the introduction of the gel-medium composed of Radiesse ™ (Radies) Restores volume and instantly smoothes a wrinkle
2. the effect of:
Stimulation of new collagen
Through 2-3 month macrophages absorb gel, remain microspheres of calcium, they stimulate the production of new collagen, the surface of the skin remains smooth.
3. the effect of:
Lifting and restore path
Cells in the skin produce collagen, forming the new dermal matrix. This new fabric in combination with calcium hydroxyapatite particles CaHA provides long-term structural support and contributes to a longer duration of effect. Through this mechanism, the action of Radiesse lasts from one to two years.

So, effect duration is ensured not only by the lengthy finding in the tissues of the drug, but the development of its own fabrics.


Safety of calcium hydroxyapatite CaHA

3-x summer study on animals with the introduction of the drug periuretral′no, demonstrated:

Approved By The FDA (The Office of the FDA food and drug administration) How to fully secure (GRAS). 1-clinical application of 22nd, CaHA gel dates back to 1995 year.

To the present moments of any reactions or exclusion filler, Radiesse ™ (Radies) There was no (sold more 5 million packages)

CaHA injections do not cause side effects

  • The gel eventually dissipates, and the CaHA microspheres remain at the site of injection
  • Encapsulation material entered is not observed
  • CaHA microspheres remain at the site of injection and don't migrate
  • CaHA is biocompatible and generates good differential matrix, identical to the surrounding tissues
  • CaHA's presence caused no reaction from the surrounding tissues
  • The location of the implant remains soft and pliable, similar to the surrounding tissue, no signs of calcification or ossification.

Release forms

Available in disposable sterile syringes filled by 1 syringe in a package complete with finished by soldering and 2 needles size 27 G and more 3 Forms:

Syringe 0.3 mm – Extra

Minimal correction

Small area

Syringe 0, 8 mm – The average amount of

Medium-sized folds

Squirt 1, 5 mm – A large amount of

Pronounced wrinkles

Large area correction

Filling volume/contour

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