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Quickly and painlessly correct contours your body is capable of apparatus Velashape II. His appointment is a non-surgical removal of fat deposits, cellulite and skin defects, associated with the violation of Exchange processes.

Such a powerful effect occurs at the expense of infrared radiation, the bipolar electric energy, vacuum aspiration and roller massage.

VelaShape II apparatus applied for removing skin defects and restore skin density, correction of volume figures and reduce stretch marks, eliminate cellulite, removing puffiness of fabrics and reduce muscle spasms, to form new body contours and postoperative rehabilitation, reduction of skin after liposuction and pregnancy, as well as for correction of breast shape and weight.

VelaShape II apparatus today is a last generation technology for rapid and effective removal of fat deposits and removing skin blemishes. Work is based on four main factors taken together: infrared wave radiation, bipolar electric energy, roller massage and vacuum aspiration. The joint impact of all of these constituent and is the basis of the effectiveness of the apparatus. The results appear very quickly. Using apparatus VelaShape II correction becomes possible in the shortest possible time and without exhausting exercises and diets.

In just a few minutes of exposure apparatus VelaShape II can eliminate from 4 to 6 centimeters in volume of treatment area. When this effect also has a positive effect on skin condition. Unlike liposuction through surgery, during the procedure using a VelaShape II is left with excess skin, that require removal of surgical method. During the treatment the skin is pulled under the influence of VelaShape II. The surface of the skin visibly smoothed and vyravnivetsja, increases its elasticity and suppleness. Using the VelaShape II can significantly reduce cellulite and eliminate other skin defects.

Correction Center Invites all, who wants to quickly and effectively get rid of the extra pounds and make your body more beautiful, without physical effort and in short time. We can guarantee high efficiency and absolute safety of non-surgical methods, that we use.

The urgency procedure VelaShape II

According to statistics, to date, more than 80% women over the age of 20 years are faced with the problem of the appearance of "orange peel" effect on the skin of the thighs, buttocks, the abdomen and even hands. Once it was considered, that cellulite is a phenomenon, typical full women, Today, however, it is clear, that even in the absence of extra pounds could not be considered, that you are insured against the appearance of cellulite. To combat this scourge can and should be. But if conventional methods, for example, creams, SALVES and massage, give only a small and transient effect, and radical ways like plastic surgery may not be suitable for all, you will gain procedure VelaShape II. Worldwide annually more 30 million procedures VelaShape II.

Who fit procedure VelaShape II? They are showing all the women, who want to adjust shape, to get rid of excess weight in the so-called problem areas and navsegla say goodbye to cellulite.

The effectiveness of the apparatus VelaShape II

Unlike many other similar methods, VelaShape II technology allows to act directly on the deep skin tissues, as well as the upper layers of the epidermis at the same time. It is a complex effect allows you to get rid of cellulite. VelaShape II is a simple and reliable method for, which offers its patients the Center figure correction. This medication is not causing discomfort, does not require special training and rehabilitation.

During the procedure the infrared light is able to heat the skin tissue to a depth of 5-10 mm, and RF-radiation affects the tissues at a depth 5-20 mm, to accelerate the metabolism of energy stocks and the strengthening of the lymphatic drainage. Due to the volume of fat cells in the treated area is significantly reduced.

The result can be seen already after the first exposure apparatus. Even after one treatment on apparatus VelaShape II possible decrease in range from 1,5 up to 3 centimetres. The procedure is completely comfortable. Recommended course of treatment 4-6 procedures. If necessary, treatment can be repeated.

Effectiveness Of VelaShape II proven in numerous clinical trials and confirmed by the positive responses of patients, who tried this technology for yourself. Today the procedure using apparatus VelaShape II is available to many. Only your doctor's advice.

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