Conference on aesthetic medicine Riga Face Facts 2015

8 November in the framework of the International Conference on aesthetic medicine Riga Face Facts 2015, Lecture of the legendary scientist-biologist, biochemist, Creator Brenda DMK – Dr. Danne Montague-King (Los Angeles, USA).

The Conference brought together not only an incredible number of participants, but many international lecturers with a worldwide reputation, who spoke with their reports and demonstrated the individual models podhodyv age changes correction.

From Tornado MG visited International Conference in Riga beautician Tatiana Isayeva. Our beautician t. Isayeva received international certificate of DMK by Dr. Danne Montague-King on the practical work with kosmecevtikoj DMK.

The most welcome development activities, was the presentation of Dr. Dunne Montague-King (Los Angeles, USA) – founder of izvejstnejšego worldwide brand for professional skin care products – DMK. For more than a 40 years, this brand is a solid position among the cosmetic remedies to treat skin problems and is popular with leading foreign cosmetologists. During his tenure he researched phenomena such as acne, hyperpigmentation and skin aging. This led him to, What is the name of Dr. Dunne has been included in the top 5 of the leading scholars of the cosmetic industry in the world.

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