When men grow old

Many representatives of the stronger sex, reaching 45-60 years, experiencing the same, that women, the unpleasant symptoms: irritability, emotional instability, tendency to depression, flushing, decreased sex drive. Men, too, is the climax, We concluded some scientists.

Sensation! Male menopause in nature does not exist. This conclusion other specialists. For example, Professor Eberhard Nishlag Germany claims: "Male menopause invented by manufacturers of artificial hormones. They intimidate men, to those buying their products!»

Who is right?

From a biological point of view, menopause is inevitable. Aging individuals should be excluded from reproduction. Such is the logic of species conservation. With age, decreasing the production of the main male hormone testosterone, but this process occurs very slowly in men - on average only 1% in year. The body has time to adjust to age-related changes in tissues and organs. Therefore, most of the men specific unpleasant and do not experience acute symptoms. But in some cases, the hormone ceases to be produced quickly. This happens in about 10-15% of men. When fading occurs unevenly, doctors and talk about the male menopause.

Do I need hormone therapy

In recent years become a popular therapy, designed to compensate for the missing in the male body testosterone (on the principle of female hormone replacement therapy). Men do not even bother the, the drug must be administered by injection. And it is painful, not too comfortable, moreover, in the first days after the injection, hormone when an organism is oversaturated, may have mood swings. However, there is no better way. Testosterone pills are ineffective, because 80% hormone decomposes, until the tablet wanders the digestive system and liver. Testosterone patch causes allergic reactions in the skin.

By the way, many doctors are very skeptical of the male hormone therapy. In their opinion, it shows only 5% men. there are doctors, which is opposed to such treatment. The fact, that, according to some, excessive use of testosterone can cause prostate cancer tumor growth, liver disease, heart attack.

Male - menopause. 5:0 in your favor

In fact, there are simple rules, playing on men's health and enable push climax.

  1. Your diet should not be lack of vitamins A, With, E and B.
  2. It is useful from time to time to take biostimulants: Ginseng, Golden root, lemongrass.
  3. It is very important to get enough sleep (night's sleep should be at least eight hours).
  4. Do not neglect exercise (15 minutes of morning exercises will tone the muscles in), longer go on foot.
  5. And excessive sexual activity, and long-term abstinence is bad for during menopause. Therefore, lead a normal sex life. By the way, in singles before menopause begins, and often runs with complications, especially if a man is suffering from hypertensive disease, atherosclerosis, diabetes. accounts and yet sweet, who smokes a lot and abuses alcohol. A married male menopause in general may not notice.

Source – http://www.policlinica.ru/stati/kogda-muzhcinistareut.html

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