When vaccinated against measles?

Measles - highly contagious acute infectious disease anthroponotic, occurring, mainly, children, and characterized by an increase in temperature, catarrhal inflammation of the nasal mucous membranes, eyes and throat, and the appearance of spots on the skin rash.

With vaccination situation is very simple: if it can not do, then it is better not to do, because the consequences can be very diverse.

On the other hand, If vaccination is necessary to make, then it is better to do, as often happens, that vaccination did, and antibodies do not work out, immunity is not formed or weakened over time.

Before vaccination against measles desirable to carry out a blood test for antibodies (immunity against measles tension). everything is logical: If the analysis shows a sufficient number of antibodies to measles - vaccination is not done (because antibodies "speak", that protection against measles in the body there).

WHY analysis for the presence of antibodies, If you already have to be vaccinated before, or chickenpox is a disease?

  • In 10-12% people immunity to measles is not produced even after vaccination
  • In 20-30% people immunity to measles disappears over time as a result of the use of antibiotics, immunosuppressive agents, etc..
  • Many people do not remember or do not know, whether they were vaccinated, hurt if this disease.
  • All these factors exacerbate the likelihood of unexpected contamination, for example, adult is in contact with a sick child.
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