CHIROPLASTIC MASSAGE – effective skin care

Facial skin care

If you for some reason against injection, but want to get the most effective care, We recommend you karboksiterapiû.

It – introduction under the skin of carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide). The purpose of the- stimulate the production of collagen and tissue regeneration. As a result of using this procedure to get rid of wrinkles around eyes, from stretch marks, the skin becomes more elastic, destroyed subcutaneous fat deposits.

I suggest you try non-karboksiterapiû: carbon dioxide is injected under the skin of the transdermal method, through the mask.

How does the chiroplastic massage?

The level of collagen in the body, starting with 25 years of steadily falling. In order to fill its reserves, every day coming up with more innovative ways, but karboksiterapiû, some cosmetologists are called the greatest breakthrough in cosmetology after Botox.
When carbon dioxide gets under your skin, the organism it perceives as a lack of oxygen and reacts, increasing blood flow and, oxygen. As a result,, the cells of the epidermis receive a good dose of nutrients and oxygen needed, that stimulates the production of collagen, the regeneration of cells and prevents moisture loss.


  • the overall aging of facial skin, Wrinkles, color restoration, skin tone
  • cuperosis – Advanced vascular network, "vascular"
  • vascular disorders, enlarged pores
  • redness, the symptoms of rosacea (Acne Rosacea)
  • pigment violations, including brown spots, changes in skin color, freckles
  • photoaging (the withering of the skin caused by ultraviolet radiation, and as a result wrinkles appear)
  • spots, flaking, full limpness and Sun damaged skin
  • acne

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