What disease causes loss of hair shine

Loss of hair shine – one of the constant complaints of hair. The reasons for this could be many factors – wrong care, changes in temperature, eating disorders. But there is a disease, which leads to loss of hair shine, and the hair becomes kind of a tow.

The majority of skin diseases, hair and nails are caused by fungi. The results of the vital activity of the fungus on human skin is always visible, unpleasant and are the reason the treatment your doctor. So, skin, hair and nails may affect ahorion fungus and provoke disease called favus, or else it is called scab. This fungus affects people of all ages.

Scalp fungus. Causes of favusa

Scalp fungus has different forms depending on the pathogen. Favusom infection occurs when prolonged close contact with ill scab. Disease more susceptible to women and children. When closely mushroom spawn is embedded in the stratum corneum okolofollikulârnogo epithelium of the scalp, continue to migrate to the hair follicles and even the hair itself, buying a type of longitudinal chains. These circuits consist of artrospor.

When the hair loses its luster, because its surface is broken. Near the mouth of the horny layer hair filled with mushroom mycelium, This leads to cracking, then eat skutuly. This is the culture of the fungus. Skutula is surrounded by leukocytes and exudate with a destroyed epithelial cells. With the development of the process of scalp fungus penetrates into the skin layers with the formation of the infiltration, which consists of lymphocytes and fibroblasts.

When a long-running favuse in the skin observed atrophic processes, destruction of sweat and sebaceous glands. Elastic tissue and collagen fibres melt and form postfavusnye scars. So, When you contact- domestic interaction of people can stay for a long time, fungus on the skin and hair of man, infecting more and more people. Availability of skin injuries and microcracks is conducive factors to the infection of scalp fungus.

Features of scab. Clinical manifestations of favusa

Most often affected scab smooth skin, scalp and less – nails. The incubation period is 2 weeks. Clinical manifestations begin with education dry round crusts yellow, which often take the form of a saucer with deepening in the Centre. When skutul in Beard follicle these "saucers" are laced with hair.

These skutuly are inclined to merge with the formation of solid crusts. With the long-term progression of scab and the absence of adequate therapy appears bad smell mildew ambarnoj. The process often causes scar skin atrophy, sometimes even baldness. When this skin atrofirovannoj sites have a flat, smooth surface. When scab hair on the scalp have the appearance of a tow, because they have no shine.

Feature symptoms of scab is the, that when hair falls favuse, While other fungal skin lesions they break off. Often hair looks gray because of a dispute on the hair, that have a light color. In patients with concomitant diseases, immune deficiency, weakened disease very aggressively.

Treatments and ways to prevent scab

In this fungal lesions of the scalp as scab scalp treated once a week after shave hair. Topically applied ointments with antifungal activity, systemic antifungals. Brown on the head using oil vazelinovogo soften. Only after detachment epidermal corneal layer use local drugs. With the defeat of the nail polishes used with antifungal effect or nail removed surgically. Also conduct therapy concomitant diseases, carry out general health-improving measures to enhance immune forces of organism.

Treatment for prolonged, but brings the effect. Forecast with adequate treatment of favorable. But when beginning this process frequently cannot be stopped.

In order to prevent scab it is important to strengthen the body and to take regular medical examinations. When the first suspicions of scalp fungus, as well as the abrupt loss of hair had shine you need to consult a dermatologist or trichologist.

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