How to restore the skin after acne

Every tissue in the human body are able to regenerate itself, but with different power and speed. Integument, being the largest organ in the body, regenerative potential has increased and owns lots of cells, providing enhanced tissue repair. Aesthetics closely examines, How to restore skin, increase its resistance and how to speed up the regeneration of skin. There are many tools and treatments, accelerating the regenerative ability of the skin. Let's take a look at, What is the physiological regeneration, How to restore the skin after damage, as well as what tools you can use to speed up the recovery process.

What is skin regeneration

Regeneration is a mouse cells and tissues in the body. When cells undergo their way from birth and a certain number of tick marks, they die, and in their place a new colony of cells. The human body is fully updated 7 years.

Each day a person loses more 10 billions of cells, replaced by which new. Scientists estimate, What is life with body sluschivaetsya about 18 kg skin, together with a layer of orogovevshim cells.

What is a skin regeneration? However, bacteria are sloughed off layer Rogov, that during the life of the attack man, as well as dust, sweat, microbes. So, skin prevents the organism pathogenic microorganisms, that are on the surface.

The younger skin and healthier body, the faster the cell regeneration. The old dead skin tissue slushhivajutsja while wearing clothing, reception of the soul, during sleep. This is called physiological generation. Age-related changes in the body slows down and skin renewal, regeneration time increases, on the surface of the epidermis of wrinkles and other indicators (spots, change skin picture). Complete renovation of the skin at a young age-maximum 28 days. After 25 years this time increases to 45 days (to 40 years) and 70 days (in 50 years).

In the process of life occurs on the skin physiological update, This process is ongoing and continuous. But we should not forget about other, not less important point on the question of renewal and regeneration: skin rehabilitation after injury. Acne, Burns, inflammation, ulcers, minor wound-these processes damage your skin, and to cover was able to recover, Healing occurs the epidermis. Even in a healthy at first glance, the body, the healing process can be slowed down. The speed of recovery in the skin is influenced by various factors, to consider when choosing the means to accelerate regeneration.


Factors, affecting the deterioration of skin regeneration:

  • Excessive physical or mental exertion take away a lot of energy, that invariably leads to a weakening of the organism.
  • Weakening of immunity under the influence of a variety of reasons, especially after suffering a disease.
  • Violation of the diet-the prevalence of harmful products and limiting the useful and necessary for the recovery of substances draws Bowl balance toward a shortage of vitamins and microelements. So, building material to replace old tissue with new missing and prevails over the aging rejuvenation.
  • Stress and depression also negatively affect healing, restoration, as the disease.

How to restore skin: Tools, accelerating regeneration

Maintain balance in the body of vitamins and trace elements, always, that did not stop the process of cells regeneration. In addition to proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, the update speed is affected by cosmetics for skin care, other drugs, providing healing effect. Consider the basic tools, accelerating regeneration.

Tools to accelerate regeneration and healing

  1. Dexpantenol-Bepanten

Bepanten cream or ointment is used even for moisturizing skin babies. On its properties, prevents severe flaking and soothe your skin while irritation. It also relieves itching, associated with dryness and desquamation

Deskpantenol component greatly softens the skin, so if you skin is not too dry, and there is peeling in some places, use it creatively. Silent sites will be faster process of detachment, thereby speeding up the breeding of healthy skin cells. In Addition To Bepantena, You can use any means, containing this substance: Panthenol spray, D-panthenol cream.

  1. Badyaga

Cosmetic on basis of spongillidae (cream, mask) acts as resorption after the formation of hematoma. And can also activate layering tissues during upgrade, speeding up regeneration. Badyaga boosting substances: Histamine, kinina, autakoidov, Prostaglandins-they are necessary for wound healing. Use badjagu with the bruised, to restore the skin's natural protective barrier, resorption of scars. It is not recommended to use badjagu with rosacea and inflammatory processes on the skin.

  1. Actovegin

Means of animal origin oxygenates, accelerates regeneration. Due to the fact, What increases the speed of blood flow, wound and skin tightened faster restores. Helps restore normal pH level, It accelerates blood circulation in tissues. You can use in the form of gel or cream.

  1. Sea buckthorn oil

Stimulating the regenerative ability of the skin tool has strong anti-inflammatory action. But, before applying it, You should make sure, that you do not have an allergy to it.

Sea buckthorn oil is composed of fat-soluble bioantiauxidanta increase vulnerability, that protect the cell membranes from damage. The oil penetrates deep into the epidermis, nourishes and nurtures its beneficial substances.

  1. Aekol

The drug, contains vitamins, necessary for normal skin recovery. It consists of: Retinol, Vitamin E, Menadione, and Betakaroten. Provides: protivoogogove, polivitaminnoe, metabolic effect (promotes metabolic processes in tissues).

  1. Jojoba oil

Liquid wax contains abundant vitamin e, required for nutrition and hydration. Jojoba oil is deeply absorbed in the skin, improves and accelerates the regeneration of protective properties. There are many advantages and can have a positive impact on skin only with prolonged use.

  1. Essential oils

A beneficial effect on the skin can provide only the essential oil, that is 100% natural, does not contain auxiliary stabilizing components. Therefore, the cost of such oils will be high, Although the action may have a really wonderful: wound healing, nourishing, metabolicescoe. Choose the essential oil, that suits you, and don't use too often these funds. To accelerate the healing of skin can be mixed with tea tree oil (This is one of the low-cost) with jojoba oil (1:1) and apply to the skin. Use this mixture once a week (a maximum of two times) and no more.

  1. Aloe

Aloe Vera juice has many advantages, that would place it in the first place. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent is a stimulant regenerative processes in tissues, has antimutagennoj activity.

The above means quite successfully cope with the task to restore skin and wound healing. How to repair the skin in your case, which of these tools use, decide for yourself or with the help of beautician. But, be careful, any of the preparations check to start the presence of allergy, in order not to worsen the situation.

Experts do not recommend the use of any means of regenerating without a real need. Drawing on clean and not damaged skin stimulating components will make her dependent on them, and when you really need help, These drugs will be powerless to. Leather just gets used to the action and will not get the desired effect healing and recovery.

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