How to strengthen fine hair

, for patients who complain of dermatologist and cosmetologist, does not always explain the irregularities in the patient's health or improper care. Approximately every tenth of us hair thinness is due at the genetic level and is simply a feature of the exterior. To create a volume of hair or pick up staining system, to a man with thin hair need special treatment. Moreover, need special attention, Since very vulnerable, and therefore require timely treatment and strengthening.

The Reasons For, on which happen to thin hair

At the adult person hair thickness ranges from 50 to 100 MK, and hair thickness 50 the MC decided to thin. This may be due to the thickness of their genetic characteristics. So, hair thickness directly correlates with the density of the skin-people with thin skin and hair too thin. Blondes have, as a rule, thin hair, Unlike shatenov, which are by nature the lush hair volume at the expense of their thickness. Hair thickness decreases with age-old men she does not exceed 70 MK.

Among the reasons, that can affect the thickness of hair, distinguish internal and external. Exogenous factors, which produces thin hair is hot abuse ukladočnymi means and washing in hot water, frequent coloring and perms, exposure to cold wind, moisture and temperature changes at circulation in winter without headgear.

Internal factors, affect the amount of hair:

  • unbalanced diet;
  • stress, nerve diseases, fatigue;
  • hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy, breastfeeding.

Especially fine hair and ways to strengthen them

Thin hair are some of the features of the structure. So, they have less developed middle layer-cortex, Accordingly-smaller diameter of each hair and, respectively, hypersensitivity to any external influence.

On the one hand, with them it is difficult to create hair volume, they break easily and electrified, don't keep stacking. With the increased dryness of thin hair to resemble spider webs, and when excessive fat-shapeless, adhering to the head "icicles". On the other hand, at competent care for fine hair look light and silky, easily painted.

To determine the cause of the subtleties of hair, conduct computer diagnostics of their condition, spectral analysis. This diagnosis helps to identify internal and external causes of insufficient hair, and further strengthen the patient may recommend trichologist diets and procedures or, perhaps, consult other doctors, If thin hair are caused by internal disease. To strengthen fine hair can be recommended scalp massage, procedure masks, ampul′nymi concentrates.

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