How to recognize allergy

The peak of allergy season in the Kherson region is in August-September. This is the period of the third wave of pollen, which is the most unfavorable for our region.

There are three waves dusting plants. This process is referred to as hay fever. The first wave of pollen, in March-April, blossom trees. In the second wave, in May-July, It begins dusting grass and cereals. This wheat, rye, grass, ovsyanitsa, timothy and ryegrass. It is the major timothy grass pollen allergen second wave.

The third wave of allergies is held in August and September. During this period pylyat wormwood, ambrosia, lebeda, sunflower, corn and tsiklohena. The major allergens of pollen third wave - it ragweed and mugwort.

As can be recognized at an allergy. Firstly, This is a seasonal disease with a clear beginning and end. Secondly, Cross-food allergic to such products: honey, nuts, sunflower seeds, halva, sunflower, corn oil, watermelon, melon, mustard, mayonnaise, celery, parsley, Rukkola, dill. Third, Cross-drug allergy to herbal preparations or travosoderzhaschie. Most often manifested allergy itchy nose, sneezing, lacrimation, possible asthma attacks. It may also be a central nervous system damage, which is expressed at a high temperature, chills, and frequent urination. These symptoms may be accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, eosinophilic pneumonia, inflammation of the joints, aggravation of ulcer disease or chronic kidney disease. If you experience these symptoms should immediately contact a specialist.

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