How to restore the skin after rejuvenating procedures correctly and quickly

Feature rejuvenating treatments usually is, they are held to the skin with pronounced signs of decay. On the one hand, such procedures should be intense, to achieve the maximum effect. On the other hand, fading skin has a fairly low resource regeneration, and it means, increased risks for complications or do not achieve the desired result.

What should be done, to restore the skin to be successful

Before proceeding to cosmetic procedures, which have a serious damaging effect - whether we are talking about laser rejuvenation, median or deep chemical peeling, plastic surgery - the skin should be prepared well. To this end, the course provides comprehensive rejuvenation necessarily regenerating treatments, which should be preceded by a deep injury.

Each procedure is damaging to the skin and is preceded by a preparatory stage is completed the rehabilitation process. Without complying with this strategy significantly increase the risk of complications.

The preparatory phase and its impact on the restoration of the skin after the procedure

The main task of preparation for damaging procedure is, to ensure the perfect functioning of the structures of the skin, which then become responsible for her condition, and will help to restore the skin after the procedure. We are talking about vessels, fibroblast, antioxidant, hyaluronic acid. Moreover, during the preparation of the skin should be adapted to the future by the damaging effects of low-intensity stimulation.


Types of therapeutic effects on the skin during the preparatory phase to the damaging procedure:

  • topical - lower intensity stimulation of the skin is carried out in the home by applying to the skin of gels or creams with a content of glycolic acid or a combination with other hydroxyacids. In preparation for superficial lesions of the skin stimulation is started 5-10 days prior to the procedure, in front of a middle or deep peeling - this month and more. In normal skin the patient applies the cream morning and evening, for dry and sensitive - only in the evening;
  • injection - held biorevitalization, which contributes to the creation of the skin of active metabolites and stimulate cell proliferation. The result is an increase in the number of active young fibroblasts, responsible for the creation of new collagen fibers, the formation of new blood vessels microcirculation, concentration is newly generated hyaluronic acid, which will help to further the proper formation of elastic mesh of collagen fibers. The age of menopause is carried out for one biorevitalisation 2-3 weeks prior to the procedure, in poslemenopauzalnom period - two biorevitalisation at intervals of 2 weeks, the end of 2 weeks prior to the proposed procedure;
  • General therapy - the patient is necessary to limit exposure to the sun, alcohol consumption, a month before the procedure to give up smoking, if necessary, to undergo therapy antiedematous idetoksikatsionnoy, take a multivitamin, squalene, PUFA. If you intend to damage to the skin to the deep level, necessary physical examination, to avoid possible comorbidities.

Today, at the preparatory stage are increasingly using intradermal injection of autoplasma, enriched platelet. Due to its content of vascular endothelial growth factor, epithelium, platelet-derived growth factor and transforming possible to restore the skin after the procedure quickly and efficiently.

Stages of the procedure and rehabilitation: how to quickly restore the skin after them

Damaging the procedure recommended, when seen good results after the preparatory phase. For women, it is recommended to assign the operation in the first phase of the cycle. Many professionals also recommend performing a preliminary antiviral therapy in order to prevent activation of herpes virus infection.

The main objectives rehabilitation period, which will help to restore the skin after injury, becoming:

  • to limit inflammation and reduce swelling,
  • prevent infection of the wound surface,
  • avoid possible hyperpigmentation.

First 5 days recommended occlusive agents with anti-inflammatory, moisturizing effect. After two weeks, administration is carried biorevitalization or platelet-rich plasma with extremely careful treatment zones likely hyperpigmentation.

If the complex of anti-aging procedures provided several interventions with deep skin damage, the training and rehabilitation should be provided for each of them.


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