Semen analyzes Kherson

Semen analysis to evaluate male fertility.

Semen (spermatogramma) – research method for assessing sperm oplodotovoryayuschey ability male sperm. In the analysis of sperm determine quantitative, quality, morphological parameters of sperm. includes: physical parameters (both, color, pH, viscosity, dilution rate), quantitative characteristics (the number of sperm 1 ml and ejaculate, mobility), and their morphology (maintenance of normal forms, with pathology), agglutination and the presence of cells of spermatogenesis, and white blood cell count, erythrocyte, mucus.

Assess Fertility Sperm in specific practical parameters correctly, must take into account all parameters simultaneously. Even in one and the same man for a year sperm counts can vary significantly, so on the recommendation of the WHO adopted performance standards fertile sperm. These norms (WHO) obtained in a study population of healthy fertile men (partners who have a pregnancy). These indicators are not obtained in the study of fertilization in a population of subfertile patients, t. it is. they are the minimum necessary for conception. So, men even with lower rates may be fertile.

In the diagnosis of male infertility in the results, different from the norm, necessary through 1 – 2 week retake semen and with the results apply to andrologist to find the cause of a disease.


  • Barren marriage (identification of male factor).
  • Infertility in men (prostatitis, pampinocele, infection, injury, hormonal disorders).
  • Preparing for IVF, ICSI.

Reference Range:

  • both – more 2 ml;
  • consistency – viscous;
  • dilution through 10 – 30 min;
  • viscosity to 2 cm;
  • color – white and gray;
  • odor – specific;
  • pH 7,2 – 8,0;
  • turbidity – muddy;
  • slime – no;
  • the number of sperm 1 ml – more 20 million;
  • the total number of sperm in the ejaculate – more 40 million;
  • the number of active spermatozoa – more 25%;
  • total number aktivnopodvizhnyh and inactive sperm – more 50%;
  • immobile sperm – less 50%;
  • absence of agglutination and aggregation;
  • white blood cell count to 1 million;
  • normal sperm – more 50%;
  • spermatozoa with normal morphology head – more 30%;
  • spermatogenic cells 2 – 4.

Interpretation of results, classification performance of ejaculate

  • Normospermiya – normal sperm.
  • Oligospermia – reduced volume of ejaculate < 2 ml.
  • Polyspermy – increased the number of sperm in the ejaculate or the large amount of (more 8 – 10 ml).
  • Oligozoospermia – reducing the number of sperm in the ejaculate less 20 million 1 ml.
  • Asthenozoospermia – reduced sperm motility (the number of mobile < 25%, the number of mobile and immobile – less 50%).
  • Spermatoschesis – absence of sperm in the ejaculate and spermatogenic cells.
  • Azoospermia – not applicable in the ejaculate sperm, but there are cells in spermatogenesis and prostatic.
  • Gemospermiâ – the presence of red blood cells in the semen.
  • Lejkociotospermiâ – the number of cells in the ejaculate is greater than 1 million/ml.
  • Piospermiâ – the presence of pus in semen.
  • Teratozoospermia (teratospermiâ) – the presence in the ejaculate more 50% abnormal forms of sperm.
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  1. Tatyana says:

    good afternoon, what is now the price on spermogrammu?

  2. Vadim says:

    How much does a spermogram?

    • Tornado says:

      Hello! Cost analysis 450 UAH, fence material Mon-Fri 9 to 11 by previous appointment. Delivery of results on the same day after 14. All the information you can get by phone 49 24 32, 050 396 36 55

  3. Julia says:

    Good afternoon! price sperm donation now what??
    and how to prepare for analysis??

    • Tornado says:

      Good afternoon,cost analysis 450 UAH.
      Training, abstinence from sexual life, from sauna baths, from alcohol 4-5 days, on the day of deposit no smoking. It is better to sit in the clinic all the portion

  4. acoustik says:

    Good afternoon.

    A sperm shall you?

    • Tornado says:

      Yes, Tornado MG to carry out semen analysis. The cost of the procedure 450 UAH. For more detailed information about,as needed to prepare a pre-analysis, You can find out by phone 050 396 36 55.

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