Inverse acne: How to resist serious illness

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Inverse eels represent an especially nasty manifestations of acne. They can be considered to some extent complication of acne, Since it is a secondary inflammatory process, developing on the background of existing vulgar acnes. Some experts believe inverse acne one form of chronic Pyoderma, as several acne elements can communicate sviŝevymi strokes. In any case,, patient with reverse acne requires a special approach, Since this disease greatly reduces the quality of life.

The reasons for developing inverted acne

The peculiarity of diseases that, that inverted acne strike only apocrine glands are sweat glands, located in the inguinal and axillary areas, in the area of the navel and chest areola, and begin to function after puberty.

Predisposing factors, contributing to the development of inverse eels believe:

  • excess weight,
  • damage and clothing pressure of the skin in the area of concentration of apocrine glands,
  • scratching, emerging due to the itching in the groin or armpits.

Inverse Acne can complicate the course of acne topics, that inflamed sebaceous glands and hair follicles can burst and cause secondary infection apokrinovoj inflamed gland. Moreover, withdrawing from the inverse eels purulent contents also becomes a source of reinfection and cause of formation of new acne blemishes. Besides, svischeve moves, emerging in apocrine glands, may overlap and combine several acne items, greatly complicating the disease.

Signs of inflammation and development of inverse eels

The essence of the process of formation of inverse acne is, initially the inflammation covers the hair follicle or gland fat, inflamed and then increased in size from purulent follicles content squeeze nearby apocrine glands. Due to the compression gland sweat started accumulating sweat particles and other elements, that cannot be withdrawn outside, inflamed, nagnaivaetsâ. This is reflected by the dense podkožnymi knobs, then formed svischeve moves, through which leaves the contents of the ripe ulcers.

By palpation painful lumps, subcutaneous, a lot of them and they gradually increase in size. Leaving fistular passages infiltration can be gnano-krovânistym, then the ulcer heals, and in its place formed a scar. The process of scarring acne inverse may be accompanied by secondary infection, and then near the scar are new acne items, and the defeat of the skins is gradually increasing.

Especially the treatment and prevention of acne inverse

Inverse therapy acne aims on the one hand, to withdraw the inflammatory process, and on the other to prevent blockage of the apocrine glands and improving cellular metabolism. Foundation treatment for acne is inverse antibiotics, Moreover, a medication it is advisable to select on the basis of laboratory tests, showing sensitivity microflora vyseânnoj to certain types of antibiotics. According to combine taking antibiotics topically and inside.

Good effect in treating inverse eels gives a mix of local antibacterial medication with benzoyl peroxide, which improves oxygenation of tissues affected, a good keratolitikom, slightly inhibits the production of sebum and accelerates granulation inflammatory elements on the skin. Possible additional use of retinoids, means of hormone therapy.

Patient with reverse acne should clearly understand, that treatment will be long, continue for months and becomes effective only when absolutely exact compliance with the recommendations of a dermatologist, regarding the treatment of drugs, cabin cleaning procedures, use home remedies for skin care.

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