Innovative treatment of skin pigmentation

Once again delights the beauticians in the Ukrainian market. Acne, pigment and aging skin becomes even more efficient in Tornado Medical Group, Since specialists were trained in the professional treatment of pigmentation of the use the innovative technique of ZO Skin Health.

Integrated and continuous solutions for healthy skin

Company ZOSkinHealthpod led by Dr. Zein Obadži medicine has developed a wide range of therapeutic protocols, aimed at correcting skin problems skin, and a number of ready-to-use solutions for daily care, the integrated use of which allows to restore and maintain healthy skin.


The basis of all the daily care and treatment protocols, designed by ZOSkinHealth, based on the latest achievements in the field of aesthetic medicine and emerging technologies, including the unique delivery system of key ingredients and exclusive formulas. These products and protocols are in the hands of professionals a powerful tool, provide continuous end-to-end solution, aimed at restoring and maintaining the health of the skin regardless of the State of, sex and age of the patient.


Innovative scientific research to create healthy skin

The company has used the latest Health Skirt ZO bioengineering technology and components of plant stem cells combined with antioxidants to create unique formulas in complex with mul′tifunkcional′nymi delivery systems for therapeutic ingredients, previously inaccessible.

Dr. Obadži innovation in dermatology


1981 1983 1988 1997
For the first time, the definition of healthy skin healthy skin principles are formulated.. Developed the main decisions, therapy and rehabilitation protocols for skin health. Company formation Worldwide Medical (original system: ObagiNu-Derm ® andObagiBluePeel ® kit). Transformation of the Worldwide Medical and renaming in the Obagi Medical Products Dr. Zane Obadži continues to operate as a medical director and a key shareholder
2006 2007 2012
Dr. Zane Obadži resigned as medical director of the ObagiMedicalProducts. Dr. Zane Obadži founded the company Z0 Skin Health Starts on line ZOMedical, as an alternative to ObagiNu-Derm. Introduced advanced therapeutic protocols Formulated the concept of continuous solutions for restoring the health of the skin: Circle ZOSkinHealth.
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