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Since ancient times, people have used the therapeutic value of warming up of the human body to maintain health, youth and beauty. Russian and Turkish Baths, Finnish sauna always been the companions of our health. But many people find the high temperatures, in traditional saunas or steam rooms, intolerable. In these traditional systems within the body warms the surface of the skin. Even if you are very hot in these saunas, Heat - quite superficial, only a few millimeters under the skin. In an infrared sauna heat penetrates deep into the muscles of the body, creating a greater impact on the deep tissues of the body. And, as the temperature is much less than, than in a traditional sauna, people feel more comfortable.

Infrared waves

Sweating often begins before the, as the person feels the heat. In contrast to traditional saunas or steam baths, which can often make a person feel exhausted, infrared sauna – provides energy.

Research, held in Japan in the 60s, suggest, that infrared sauna has a very wide range of therapeutic effects.

Infrared heat has long been used in medicine for the effective treatment of muscle injuries, pains of muscles and joints, rheumatism and many other ailments.

Infrared waves natural, and very useful for a person. The largest and most important source of infrared heat for us, is the sun. In the sauna heat waves are radiated by strictly specified length (from 3,5 to 5,5 micron). It is this range of the infrared spectrum has the most beneficial effect on the human organizm.Blagodarya ago, infrared heat that is absorbed by the skin completely and very little effect, Sweating is much stronger, sauna than usual, even when a temperature of 40 *

The consequence of the adoption procedures in the cockpit is the general recovery of the body, healthy sleep, getting rid of many diseases

Medicinal properties

  • Increased blood circulation. Body heating infrared waves dilates blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation, especially in the peripheral areas and capillaries. Regular sessions are an effective means of eliminating the lack of blood circulation in the limbs.
  • Powerful relieve sweat from the body of toxins and impurities, reducing the burden on the kidneys. This helps to reduce associated with the violation of their problems.
  • Reducing pain of muscles and joints. Infrared waves have a proven positive effect on the muscles and joints, eliminating problems such as spasms, arthritic pain, especially in the shoulders and upper shoulder girdle, muscle aches, menstrual pain, rheumatism, sciatica and pain in various organs.
  • Reduction of tension and the phenomenon of chronic fatigue; eliminates insomnia, stress, nervousness, tic.
  • Contributes to the rapid loss of excess weight (burned per session 600 kcal and more).
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