Nail fungus (hands, feet). Mikozy skin

Mycoses are a group of diseases of the skin, caused by different fungi. Many diseases have similar, Although there are differences in the ways of infection and symptoms, that manifest these diseases. Principles of treatment of all fungal diseases similar.

Fungal diseases of the skin and nails belong to the class of infectious human diseases, that cause the pathogenic fungi. Fungal infection (mycosis) There are different, but the damage to the skin and nails are one of the most common Mycosis. This is an infectious disease, that is passed from person to person.

Breed fungi in a neutral or weakly alkaline Wednesday. The most suitable pH value is 6 — 6,7. Need to allocate, What is the pH value of the skin of a healthy person is 5,5 (acidic environment is not favorable for fungus), which is one of the factors of human skin protection against fungal infections. Increased sweating is just a risk factor with fungi, just on the closed areas of the skin, where the evaporation of sweat is very difficult, Here it is here and develop certain diseases accompanied by fungi shift skin pH to the alkaline side.

Fungi easily survive low temperatures. They do not die, and retain the ability to provoke the development of the disease even after freezing. Elevated temperatures conversely detrimental effect on fungi. Wetted with heat 75 degrees within 15 minutes provokes their death. When boiling fungi die within 3-5 minutes. So fever could be applied when fungal diseases as a way of sanitizing, in the context of, to prevent the recurrence of disease, during and after full cure antifungal doctors strongly recommend to boil and to iron a hot iron underwear and clothes, that was in contact with the skin.

For reproduction and growth of fungi need a wet Wednesday. That is why increased sweating and wet shoes are conducive factors formation of fungal diseases, and the main way of infection fungi stop are swimming pools, baths and showers, wet floor which, fungi are finding very good conditions for its existence. Fungi, human Mycosis pathogens, good going through drying. It does not kill them, but only some time delays or stops their growth and development. In dry hair and scales, which the patient loses with pockets of surface damage, fungi retain viability for years (for example, on the floor or carpets, in clothing or footwear). Entering subsequently in suitable conditions (for example, on human skin), they acquire the ability to grow and reproduce and can cause the formation of disease.

In 1% solution of formalin fungi are killed through 15-20 minutes (It is used to disinfect shoes). In a solution of chloramine loss fungi comes through 30-40 minutes (use to disinfect items).

In addition to pathogenic fungi, with the penetration which human skin disease develops with a great opportunity, almost always, There is a large group of conditionally pathogenic fungi, parasitic activity which is celebrated only in people with weakened defensive functions of the body.

Fungi infection occurs through contact directly from an infected person or animal (the straight path of infection used at the ill, either infected with scales or hairs of sick animals (indirect way). The most significant factor in the formation of fungal skin diseases is the age. Set, that favus, known to the wider population, called "ringworm" infects mainly children of pre-school and primary school age and rarely occurs in adults.

Another group of fungal diseases — mikozy feet and nail fungus, conversely, infects mainly adults and rarely occurs in children, that has its justification and is associated with age-related changes in the pH of the skin, the thickness and structure of the stratum corneum of the epidermis, weak immune protection and skin resistance against the background of emerging disease with age. Very important for the formation of fungal disease is changing the metabolism, which is associated with obesity, other endocrine disorders and primarily with diabetes, diseases of the adrenal glands, thyroid gland, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, causing changes in digestion and absorption of nutrients.

Nail fungus

Nail fungus (Onychomycosis) provoke fungal infections, that is easily transmitted from person to person. Nail fungus infection often occurs in the family – through a common footwear, but sometimes through other household items. With equal frequency of infection occurs and in public places: in the baths, showers, fitness and sports halls, basins.

Nail fungus is an extremely viable infection, and over time damages all parts of the nail, destroys it, and moves on to other nails or skin. Nail fungus infection cause other parts of the body. Even if cure all hotbeds of toenail fungus, then one of the undetectable infection in nails come re-infection.

External signs of toenail fungus are changing nail colors, their seal, and in the future – kroshenii or destruction. Nail fungus stains their white, grey, Yellow, Brown, sometimes black or green. Nail plate becomes cloudy, as between it and the base of the nail are themselves fungi.

Seal in fungus nails caused by reinforced that the nail bed, This is a reaction to the introduction of the fungus. Horn masses in the nail grow over time and impede effective treatment.

Not cured nail fungus leads eventually to introduce fungus into the entire thickness of the nail plate and its stratification. The destruction of the nail plate from the free edge, observed at one time with thickening. External changes, caused by a fungus nails, confirms the compulsory laboratory examination of scales of skin or nail pieces.

Feet fungus

About fungus on my feet a lot learn, When a medical certificate is required, or already begin aesthetic and physical torment. But such frivolous attitude in no way justified, Because foot fungus, like any running disease, threatens more serious problems. For example, many species of fungi feet produce poisonous substances, and it means, in the body will accumulate toxins.

Infected foot fungus can be only from an already infected person, that is the source of infection to others, and, first, for your family – through the nail and manicure accessories, towels, shoes, socks. And then in public places- basins, sports halls, locker rooms, saunas, where infected with sex flakes easily stick to wet skin stop.

Especially the possible infection of fungus stop for people, suffering from circulatory problems in the legs, overweight and deformities of the foot. Increase the risk of foot fungus immunodeficiency State, which can be stressful, all, fatigue, alcohol abuse, prolonged use of antibiotics, malnutrition, anemia. Parasite, that raises the foot fungus, most commonly embedded in the skin folds on the legs mejpaltsevykh. Immediately you receive the flaking and peeling of the skin, then in these places appear small bubbles, filled with fluid. When the bubbles burst, in their place are open stretches of inflamed skin and cracks, that hurt, itching and a long time does not heal. Foot fungus can travel on the back of the foot and toes. There's also popping bubbles the size of a pinhead. If you have added and infection, the blisters become cloudy, opaque, reveal, forming erosion, causing swelling of the skin and temperature rise. If untreated, foot fungus and nails razrostaetsja, provoking change their colors, the sealing and destruction.

For diagnosing foot fungus need specialist-dermatologist. Fungal damage very much, and determine, What fungus has struck your skin and nails, only it. Besides, diagnosis of foot fungus necessarily includes the laboratory examination of scales of skin.

Foot and toenail fungus treatment

Treatment of toenail fungus not so long ago was only the Elimination of the nail plate. The problem was that, that the new nail often grew too with fungus. Now operational method for treating toenail fungus can be assigned in some forms of severe Onychomycosis.

Long also preserved complex therapeutic compounds for the treatment of toenail fungus, that contained acid (Salicylic, dairy), dyes (blueline, Zelenka), žoķ, vinegar and sulphur. All this was in the form of various solutions, ointments liquids, patches, detachments and varnishes. The treatment lasted for a year, and even more.

But all of the above can not be compared with modern performance with antifungal drugs, that kill fungus, and sometimes additional ways, that help improve the condition of the nail. The Truth, toenail fungus treatment effectiveness varies considerably and today, It depends on the competence of doctors and their application of the latest achievements, as well as the treatment phase patients to the doctor, treatment adherence, sometimes quite long, and the precautions to be taken after the due cure.

Most new antifungal drugs are not only actively influence the fungus, ostanavlivaya development mycosis, but for a long time kept in the nails, thereby reducing the duration of treatment. Modern antifungals usually take for 2-4 months (instead 6-12), and in the most advanced schemes (pulse therapy) – few weeks.

Therapeutic drugs for nail fungus are formulated for oral administration – capsules and tablets, and local forms – nail varnishes and adhesives from the peeling action.

Antifungal lacquer for the topical treatment of nail fungus is applied only 1-2 times a week. For severe combined new exterior shape with the treatment capsules or tablets. Having such combination preparations, where anti-fungal components combined with components, which soften the horny masses. This makes it possible to deal with nail seal. This task also cope emerged recently unit time for processing hardware - modified with special drill cutters polish. Specific treatment regimen the doctor each time chosen individually.

A serious problem in both during and after the treatment of nail fungus is and disinfection of all, I touch anything fungus - treated floors have, walls, baths equipment, showers, bathrooms, as well as personal items: underwear, shoes, objects of skin care and nail care.

And yet the most efficient in the fight against nail fungus – This primary prevention. To prevent nail fungus infection in the family, you need to follow the simple rules of hygiene and use only his shoes. The public should not go walking without shoes. ibid, to prevent the risk of disease, You can use antifungals – sprays and aerosols, with the help of which it is convenient to process the skin soles and interdigital folds. But most importantly – always monitor the health of the feet, wearing comfortable, does not close and do not provoke greater sweating shoes, and regularly care for the feet skin and nails, at least at home.

Important in the treatment of foot fungus - in due time to see a doctor – the early stages of treatment takes place easier and faster. Modern medicine to treat fungal foot promise to get rid of it as soon as possible and the most effective methods. The effects of most of them are aimed directly against several, the most common species of fungi. Side effects of new drugs are minimal. The choice of drugs to treat foot fungus is quite wide, and it consists of the systemic and local antifungal agents. Topical agents for the treatment of foot fungus include creams, sprays, Lotions, aerosols, powders. They are easily applied to the interdigital spaces and hard-to-skin folds. Often, especially in advanced cases, the treatment regimen comprises administering both local forms, and tablets.

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