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Manicured hands nowadays is not just a fashionable. Along with the youth and beauty of hands in General, manicure, taken separately, can tell a lot about their beautiful award. For example, According to the degree of grooming one nail and correct selection of colors and patterns on nails, you can judge whether, as far as girl or woman is not simply follows the fashion trends, but still and tries to match (and corresponds to the) all existing requirements and standards of beauty, that every year more and more grow. If you want to constantly be in the trend or even if you just don't know, that would portray on your nails.

Intricate patterns and flowers-in the past. It's time to nail art: nail fashion today consists of straight lines, clear drawings, sharp contrasts and unexpected color combinations.

We offer to your attention 4 the most actual tendencies of the fallen in love to allgraphic manicure:

French manicure. Already 35 years this beauty trend remains valid. This fall in trend classic coverage with the most unexpected color variations.

Contrasting stripes. Get trendy manicure can be a combination of two vertical stripes of bright colours on one nail.

Moon manicure This year make using two contrasting lacquers for nail and womb, properly, Wells.

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Oval version “striped” manicure would look great in classic shades of varnishes. Its graphical manicure often boast of Gwen Stefani and Fergie. The picture looks so, If it thoroughly and long prorisovyval professional, but actually, such colouri easily get at home.

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