Chief medical officer – Андреева И.И.

Chief physician Tornado MG. Master Of MBI, Anti-age терапевт, dermatocosmetologist, 30 years of practical experience
The founder of the first international school of Cosmetology in Ukraine
Doctor of higher category, Chairman Ukr. society for aesthetic medicine, The European Association of dermatokosmetologov
School certificate chiromassage, Reflexology, sudzhokterapyy, Osteopathy Artemyev, certified coach

Areas of work:

*Laser technology

*Diagnosis treatment of diseases of the skin

*Professional face and body skin care products

* Injectable Facial rejuvenation techniques with 1998 year

*Contour Plastics

*Volumetric fillers for lip shape correction, school, Neck, to smooth deep wrinkles

*Injection-free oxygen Mesotherapy
*Restoring hormonal balance
*Copyright anti-age programmes

1984 -end of the Odessa State University and Pirogov.
1992 -training on the CAF. Pediatrics (Saint-Petersburg)
1994 -specialization in dermatology (France, Paris)
1998 -specialization in the school of the Academy of science of beauty " (France, Paris)
1999 -School of Cosmetology, internship practice (Italy, Trenom)
2000 training professional technology "Bioline"
2000 -training in cosmetic and dermatology, (Moscow)
2000 -founded and chaired the first Ukrainian school of cosmetologists
2002 training on dermatohirugii and Oncology (Saint-Petersburg)
2002 -training in massage technology school «Garcia Lorca» (Spain, Barcelona)

2003 -Paris, Internship professional cosmeceuticals Biologique recherche

2005 -Russia, exhibition of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine Intersharm

Training and specialization of the Moscow-based Institute for regenerative medicine " – Laser technology in medicine

2006 -III International Congress on anti-aging medicine Principality of Monaco

The course "application of chemical peels SKIN TECH company" Uni-Med "

The course "application of DYSPORT» company Ipsen

Practical course and certificate Certificat Educational Contour plastic. Juvederm ULTRA "company" Allergan "

2007 Practical seminar "certificate and Work with RESTYLANE"

2010 -Monte Carlo Congress anti-age
2010 -Dusseldorf Congress anti-age
2012 -Monte Carlo Congress anti-age

2013 -Course of advanced training in plastic surgery clinic, Austria, "Eastern direction in blepharoplasty»
Paris, IMCAS


2014 -Monte Carlo, Anti-Aging Congress

Cannes «Face to Face»

Paris, IMCAS

Training and exchange of experience, World Congress on liposkul′pture ,Turkey, Istanbul.

2015 year-Part anti-aging Congress in Monte Carlo

France, Milan, advanced training on lifting nitevomu (Italia Promo)

Dusseldorf, participation in the Congress "medicine today»

Sharing experiences and increasing specialization with Zeyno Obadži, Kiev

2016 year – USA, Los Angeles, Training and sharing of experiences "Silhouette-elevator, Silhouette-soft, nitevoj facelift»

USA, Los Angeles, Sharing experiences and increasing specialization with Zeyno Obadži

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