Sex hormones largely determine our health and even our appearance. Sorry, sometimes their effect is unpredictable and leads to some oddities and unpleasant situations. for men, this is the result of the activity of estrogen in the male body, When often resort to forced surgery.

Gynecomastia in men 90 % cases is a benign enlargement of the mammary glands and bears no direct harm to the body. Associated with the aesthetic problem lays not the most pleasant impact on the emotional state of men, Therefore, the treatment of Gynecomastia is performed integrated methods. In particular, surgical removal of Gyno (enlarged glandular tissue), may become a prerequisite for full recovery.

Indications for surgery a mastectomy at Gyno

The main indication, which is assigned for this disease, How gynecomastia, operation, a stable flow of the true form of the disease. In contrast, false form, When the expansion of the breast occurs due to fat deposits, true Gynecomastia is characterized by the growth of glandular tissue, that can be accompanied by increased sensitivity of nipples and breast soreness.

Manifestation of true Gynecomastia covers three age period in the lives of men: neonatal, puberty and Climacteric. Manifestations of Gynecomastia in neonatal and puberty in the vast majority of cases are temporary and some time later regress, leaving no trace. However, the treatment of gynecomastia (her true form) adulthood is imperative.

A fairly large percentage of men confronted with the need to treat the disease, some of them even have decided on such a procedure, as surgery to remove Gyno. While the desire to get a decent look and the result is one of the main purposes of, which eliminates disease ginekomastia men, operation.

If there is a diagnosis of gynecomastia, treatment in Kherson you can get, by contacting the Tornado MG. We have Gynecomastia surgery is performed using highly sophisticated laser equipment. Well done all, Gynecomastia treatment took place with maximum comfort for the customers. In addition to this, If you have this condition, How Gynecomastia in men, treatment is done, to return the attractiveness of the appearance of patients. More detail on treatment of Gynecomastia price discussed with your doctor. When such a problem, How gynecomastia, to remove price consists of the treatment and additional procedures.

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  1. Nikolay says:

    Good afternoon. What is the price for a similar operation. Gynecomastia is not big, double-sided. Thank you

    • Tornado says:

      Hello. In our medical center performed only false treatment of gynecomastia (the State of the, When there is excessive developed subcutaneous cellular tissue in the area of breast cancer in men) The cost of treatment of false gynecomastia (Laser lipolysis) – 5000 UAH. If there is a need for aspiration – Additionally 1000 UAH.
      In true gynecomastia (When men present mammary gland, There are glandular tissue) – treatment is carried out jointly by the Endocrinologist and surgeon (usually in the hospital). Regards. Tornado.

  2. Oleg says:

    Hello, tell me please, whether the price changed 2016 year, if that, then as now there is such an operation.

  3. Oleg says:

    Tell me more please, it is only in Kherson and Mykolaiv too?

  4. Anonymous says:

    You have in your title and description written gynecomastia (
    Gynecomastia in men 90 % cases, is a benign breast enlargement )
    But the comments write that only deleting lipomastiyu… Does the clinic have removed in Kherson where the true?
    Was made in oblasnoy ultrasound showed gland 1 and 2 cm. Done in onco , there the doctor felt, and said Nitsche you do not have nothing else to do… I went to the same story there Belozerskaya head half an hour raskazyvat stories about Vikings, marazmatik old.
    where to go? shame to remove the t-shirt sales, not to mention the sea sezdit

    • Tornado says:


      We invite you to consult a surgeon.
      Necessary blood tests hormone: prolactin, total testosterone, FSH, LH, Estradiol.
      With the results of analyzes + Ultrasound, it did before, We are waiting for you to consult a specialist andrologist.
      Stories of the Vikings will not discuss, We will solve the problem.
      Pre-registration by phone.
      MC: +38 050 396 36 55
      0552 49 24 32, 49 22 65

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