Hyaluronic acid from dark circles under the eyes

The hectic pace of life, fatigue and sleep disorders impose a mark on the modern generation, regardless of the age of the person, its sex or origin. These factors accelerate aging of the skin, as well as contribute to nasty dark circles under eyes. There are several ways to combat this problem, which are characterized by varying degrees of effectiveness. Among them we can highlight:

  • different types of peeling;
  • laser rejuvenation;
  • липофилинг;
  • other therapeutic and surgical methods.

One of the most modern and effective alternatives to existing methods of removing dark circles under the eyes can be called the injection of hyaluronic acid based fillers (HA), such as fillers of new generation APRILINE ® SuiselleLaboratories. In fillerah APRILINE ® combined innovative technology with the aim of creating a cleaner and stable product with optimal viscosity properties to ensure natural uniform result with additional benefits-ease introduction and reliable results after each procedure.

The appearance of wrinkles in the infraorbital region is one of the most common causes of visits to specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine. As a rule, problems in this area are accompanied by a loss of bone density, reducing vertical and horizontal cranial size increase, as well as increasing the size of the orbital bone. The upper jaw as though being drawn, and body fat cheeks down, becoming a cause of nasolabial folds. There has been a redistribution of subcutaneous fat, loss of volume of tissue in okologlazničnoj and maxillofacial area. The presence of hypertrophy of the infraorbital fat accompanied by fat sacks. Soft tissue changes lead to a weakening of orbital septum and subsequent exude adipose tissue in podglazničnuû region.

Loss of volume in the infraorbital region also frees the previously invisible fat body in the infraorbital region or "bags 21. Copula in the field of lacrimal sulcus even more compressed, passing obliquely from the lateral of the nose at the level of the inner corner of the eyes down to the front of the cheeks, under the middle part of the century. The offset of the adipose tissue down to the infraorbital region weakened the orbital septum leads to deeper and wider orbit and biconvex deformity of the lower eyelid. Loss of volume of tissue between the orbital muscle of the eye and surrounding skin of the lower eyelid leads to convergence of fabrics and fine skin darkening the infraorbital region, because of what the eyes look tired.

Anatomical validity

The Anatomists define a bundle in the area of lacrimal sulcus differently. Dr WONG and sponsors research after dissection 48 half of the persons described in the field a bunch corpses lacrimal sulcus as real bone-skin bundle, that begins on the Middle, at the level of the introduction of the medial Central tendon, which is directly under the front plaintive ridged, until around the midline of the pupil. Histological evaluation confirmed, that ligament is similar to the malar ligament.

Use filler, based on hyaluronic acid is effective and no surgical way correction of dark circles in the okologlazničnoj area, as well as deformations of lacrimal sulcus.

In the course of the study 14 patients entered stabilized filler based on hyaluronic acid called APRILINE ® Normal. It is a non-permanent, the absorption of, injectable material for correction of soft tissue defects. APRILINE ® is produced by the Normal bacterial fermentation and stabilised using highly concentrated aqueous solution without the addition of other acids or alkaloids. Using this technology, creates a specific spatial structure of molecules of hyaluronic acid by effectively linking DGÈBD (BDDE). Concentration of hyaluronic acid in filler APRILINE ® Normal is 23 mg/ml. The amount of filler, used for patients, is 0,6 – 0,8 ml.

Technology introduction filler

Sampling was conducted 14 patients, with no contraindications for hyaluronic acid injections and fillers. Standard procedures were carried out: all patients required lighting photographed the day of procedure, as well as through 30 and 90 days after it. All patients had received a written informed consent. The procedure for the introduction of the filler was held as follows::

  • patients bent our heads at an angle 45about, because in such a situation better visible deformation the lacrimal sulcus;
  • as the anesthesia used, ice, that for a few seconds is applied to the skin between the eyelid and cheek;
  • the cultivated area is cleaned and is sterilized using the spray Biseptin and sterile compress;
  • the procedure for the imposition of running in procedural using disposable equipment;
  • filler based on hyaluronic acid APRILINE ® Normal introduces using needles 27 caliber in doses 0,6 – 0,8 ml per patient. A needle is inserted at an angle of 90o to the patient's skin, deep down in the circular muscle of the eye and nadkostničnuû fabric. The first injection is introduced, as a rule, at a distance 0,5 see from the medial canthus. Overall, under orbital roller is introduced 3-4 filler injections. To prevent damage to the Neurovascular bundle, it is recommended that you enter filler, avoiding the protrusion of the infraorbital nerve. It was originally introduced 0,3 – 0,5 ml filler. The area is massaged gently injections for optimal distribution of filler.

The results of removing dark circles under the eyes of hyaluronic acid based fillers

Change in area of lacrimal sulcus in aging may cause dark circles under the eyes. Adjusting with filler, hyaluronic acid-based APRILINE ® Normal (0,6 – 0,8 ml), that is minimally invasive and effective solution to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. As a rule, There is a high level of patient satisfaction aesthetic results using this multifunctional product.

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