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The modern rhythm of life, speed, stress adversely affects man and put a mark on his health and well-being. Sedentary, a sedentary lifestyle in the workplace, high heels, enjoyed by women, to highlight its appeal, all this often leads to poor blood circulation, poor joint mobility, to edema of the legs and, as a consequence of, to bad health.

Dieter Baumann-podolog practitioner with experience in pedicures 30 years-has developed a proprietary methodology for maintaining joint mobility in normal condition, warming up the leg muscles and relieve tension foot. Functional kinetic , What is the technique of Dieter Baumann, helps normalize the work of the whole body and helps to prevent all these problems. As a rule, duration of functionally-kinetic massage takes about thirty minutes, the procedure includes foot and lower leg to the knee.

Recommended massage once a week. Functional kinetic massage is indispensable, When you want to warm up all the muscles of the foot, relieve stress with legs, gradually restore, as well as temporarily relieve foot deformation. Before visiting a specialist, You should consult your doctor, Since there are contraindications: cuts soft tissues, varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, ulcer pain.

In some cases, recommended by functional kinetic massage:

  • low mobility of joints;
  • swelling of the legs;
  • overexertion of the muscles of the feet and legs;
  • blood circulation in the legs.

Moreover, massage Bauman is an ideal addition to pedicure.
Tornado MG offers its clients services of the highest quality, including massage method d. Bauman.

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