Fraksel′ returns the youth: laser treatments for skin rejuvenation

Cosmetic procedure, known to many under the name fraksel′, today is considered one of the most effective skin renewal. It is a hardware method dermal rejuvenation, When that beam laser mikrolučej, or fractions, effect on the skin with a certain strength and at a given depth. Skin is exposed to multiple point radiation, which stimulate the formation of collagen, reduce pores, improve skin texture. How does facial resurfacing procedure fraksel′ and why it gives visible rejuvenating effect already after the first session.

Fraksel′ procedure: the essence of fractional skin resurfacing

Thermolysis of fractional technology is widely use more 10 years ago and since then has enjoyed success thanks to its exceptional efficiency. Anti-aging treatments are carried out using custom settings, that are combined with different kinds of lasers, for example, èrbievym, СО2-laser. These custom settings break into many flow laser mikrolučej-fractions, because the effects on the skin, and the procedure for such beam mikrolučej (as the unit itself to carry out the procedure) got the name fraksel′.

Each laser thickness does not exceed mikrolučej human hair, effects of laser beam on the skin produces a net-mikroučastki exposed skin combine with intact sites. Thanks to this combination happening quick update skin due to healthy cells, irradiated sites pulled together and give a lifting effect.

Factional skin rejuvenation using laser beam is achieved by, that thanks to the mikrolučej run the formation of new collagen and elastin fibers, formulating enzymes, supportive skin regeneration.

The doctor picks up a laser beam diameter and depth of penetration mikrolučej. With the penetration of laser threads at a given depth in the DermIS run powerful skin renewal processes. When the mikrotermal′nye zone, which consisted of rays, shrink, leaving the treated skin areas look denser, smooth, with a smooth texture.

The most frequent indications for the procedure fraksel′

Skin rejuvenation factional reviews in the following cases:

  • removal of wrinkles and sagging skin;
  • removal of pigment spots on the skin;
  • SCAR smoothing;
  • reduce the manifestations of stretch marks;
  • correction postacne, enlarged pores;
  • reduction of spider veins;
  • improved colour.

Expected results after the procedure fraksel′

The result of skin resurfacing and the application of the procedure fraksel′ is getting improved skin turgor, significant reduction or complete disappearance of most skin defects, lifting effect.

Factional rejuvenation can be applied for most sensitive zones such as the periorbital region, mežbrovnaâ area, décolleté, where most hardware techniques are of limited use. Nonetheless, fraksel′ efficiency can be equated to specialization: photoepilation and photorejuvenation, dermabrasion, chemical peeling, only this procedure is more gentle and with fewer side effects.

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