Formula successful Ukrainian family (video)

Representatives of the Ukrainian authorities recognize in our country to develop special procedures for the preparation of young people for marriage.

For example, this began to seriously talk in the Department of Family Policy, finally made sure of that, Ukrainians, basically, family relationships just are not ready.

This is especially true for those, who grew up in a single-parent family. As a result, they wondered: that young people need, do not be afraid to build your future?

The department said, the family - this is a very serious, and how any important event in the life of, requires special training, that is, it is necessary to learn how to lay out the problem on the shelves, or vice versa, how to avoid it, warn, circumvent, again to avoid falling into the same situation.

For example, Kiev has special training courses to family relations. They provide in this country only a few organizations, whereas in Poland, for example, foundation of the family are in school in the discipline religious studies. If these lessons were not in a school, Children must be like to classes at church, otherwise they just do not get married.

Regarding the same in Ukraine - at the moment there are no special programs. Although, Department of Family Policy has officially declared the necessity of its development, and noted, that work on the corresponding program has already begun, but to introduce the principle of her life and develop a formula does not begin until next year, and it is best.

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