FIBERBLAST ™ Provides your skin with vitamin c

The Tornado Medical Group use the most modern cosmetology innovations in skin care. In this article we will introduce you to the professional cosmetics Fiberblast with.

With the dilemma of how to stabilise ™ pure vitamin c (Ascorbic acid) in liquid form without losing its strength or bioavailability. With ™ uses 20% pure Ascorbic acid in liquid form, that is easily absorbed and immediately begins to deliver its antioxidant and kollagenobrazuûŝie benefits. Most of the other products with vitamin c for local applications contain stabilized form of vitamin c.


These other forms of vitamin c molecular modified chemicals to protect it from rapid oxidation and denaturirovaniâ. This is good for retention, but our organisms to break down these changed features, to use a portion of active Ascorbic acid your body metabolizes all these ingredients are not, before they are either not net off as waste, either not displayed from the body. As a result, you will get only a fraction of the useful properties of vitamin c because the same amount of.


We start with the creation of micro-mechanical pure 20% emulsion of Ascorbic acid. Then we use a highly technological process, that surround the mikrokapli layer of Silicon particles with forming a Mikroinkapsulirovannogo vitamin c Silicon shell protects it from UV and oxidation processes, that lead to the disintegration of Ascorbic acid.


FIBERBLAST ™ is used with any other vitamin c serum for local use. Although crumbly and looks like powder, soft rubbing into the skin of your body's temperature and light friction, destroy Silicon connection and release the liquid onto the skin. As soon as the liquid vitamin c begins to be absorbed into the skin Silicon creates subtle Occlusive layer, which closes the vitamin c as long, until it is completely absorbed.


Nature is rich in Silicon, It is the main component of sand, is present in almost all plants and animals, Silicon is in almost every organ of the human body and is essential for healthy skin is actually Silicon is often taken orally for the treatment of various skin diseases, including acne and eczema


Since this formula is being sold as a professional product; It should be used every cosmetician DMK, as one of the final items in almost all cosmetic procedures DMK.

It is useful when age changes of the skin, acne, skin problems.

03These benefits are as follows::

  • Stimulates the production of collagen by fibroblasts.
  • Acts as an antioxidant and free radical scavenger, to protect your skin
  • Helps lighten the skin and protect it from UV-radiation
  • Helps patients suffering from acne and eczema.

Procedure DMKdadut you amazing results and provide the perfect canvas for harnessing the power of pure vitamin c, so do not forget to ask the FIBERBLAST ™ procedures as part of your DMK.



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