Экспресс-диагностика Check Up

It is not possible to carry out effective treatment without exact diagnosis. The purpose of the check-up method is the diagnosis and prevention of diseases using the newest methods of medical examination. After such examination the patient receives advice and referral to a specialist. Advantages of the method “check-up” are: short term survey, low cost, maximum, accurate information about the condition of the patient.

The main advantages of diagnostics in Tornado MG

  • professionalism and great clinical experience of specialists in the field to identify various diseases at an early stage
  • the most modern diagnostic equipment
  • the application of innovative methods in the laboratory and hardware diagnostics
  • improved schemes of integrated survey, to help you the most accurate picture of the health of the patient
  • individual approach to a patient with the possibility of a survey correction: exceptions or additions to the diagnostic procedures as needed

Many serious illnesses, such as diseases of the cardiovascular system, cancer, autoimmune diseases, etc., in the early stages proceed asymptomatically and are diagnosed only when, When the disease went into severe form, hardly amenable to treatment. Early detection of the disease allows to start treatment, reduces his term and significantly increases the chances of full recovery.

List of services and the cost of check-up Diagnostics for adults in Tornado MG see below.

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