Effective correction of cellulite

Natural question: whether the integrated approach required and the main condition for the treatment of cellulite, or monometodiki also have the right to succeed? As manifestations of cellulite and mechanisms are different, then the effect should be comprehensive. Length normalization of blood circulation and lymph flow fat, prevention of fibrosis and sclerosis must be comprehensive safe practices. Use of monometodiki in the treatment of cellulite hypothetically possible only where there is a safe tool to influence the mechanisms of estrogenic fat. Modern aesthetic medicine has no such methods. Therefore cellulite treatment should be directed to minimization of pathology and rehabilitation of adipose tissue trophism. In order for a shorter time to achieve tangible results, you need to treat cellulite in its typology and individual anti-cellulite programme.
The program is a set of consistent procedures and treatments, offered to the customer in the form of a set of standard or customized services for one or more tasks.
Special pthe application for the treatment of cellulite are prepared individually and during treatment are
stages of correction factors, affect the programming of this:
• stage of cellulite;
• study results Belarus earlier treatment, If this was;
• the age of the woman.
• the physiological state of an organism as a whole;
• weight and body shape of the patient, mass changes in the past few years;
• chronic diseases, If there are any;
• type of activity, profession;
• sports, today and in the past;
• habits and lifestyle.
Usually after the regular procedures for the integrated, written individually and in Salon, woman give homework-is an additional means of exterior and Interior, the diet and special physical exercises. Such programmes, as a rule, are easily transferred and executed, bring tangible effect in the treatment of cellulite and improve overall physical condition of women. If all requirements are, the assigned treatment scheme, dietary recommendations are not violated, the results of long-resistant.
Stages of anti-cellulite programs – the correct "anticeplûlitnaâ program consists of a combination of several types of procedures: hardware techniques, massages, detoksicirute and lipolytic wraps, Mesotherapy. On the advice of a specialist will recommend, What kinds of procedures in which a sequence of needs.
Mainly, the first phase of the anti-cellulite programme is to prepare the body to process fat reduction intensive. To do this, usually recommend a hardware or Manual lymph drainage and detoksicirute wraps. This artpodgotovka will reduce puffiness, output the accumulated špaki and "let down" the lymphatic system to further anticollûlitnym procedures.
The second step is to go directly to the fat tissue. For this very good hardware and manual anticelpûlitnye massages, that will reduce the volumes of. Parallep′no with massages to wraps, fat digestion stimulating and conducive to toxins.
And in the final phase it is recommended to tone the skin: Indeed, after the loss of risk • sovisaniâ» skin. To avoid this, are body wraps for lifting and increase the elasticity of the body. There are various treatments for cellulite.
All beauty products (Scrubs, creams, Gels) have only superficial effect and are recommended to maintain the èfoekta of the more radical procedures.
Healthy lifestyle, as you know, implies a balanced diet. "Balanced diet" takes into account the pathogenetic mechanisms and assesses the needs of each patient in food and energy. Program controls the power value, the quantity and quality of protein, fat, carbohydrates, mineral substances, trace elements, vitamins and other bioactive substances.
Excludes use of salty food and fluid intake is restricted to at least 3-4 hours before and after all Salon anti-cellulite programs. Naturally, If you use coffee abuse contraindicated kofeinsoderžeŝih funds.
Wraps allow the active ingredients to penetrate in the deeper layers and improve not only the appearance of the skin, but also normalize the peripheral blood circulation, improve drainage, reduce swelling, effects on adipocytes. The techniques of body wraps use bandages, bandages, patches and plastificiruûŝiesâ wraps.
Body wraps are divided into insulated (on body temperature), hot and cold. When hot (termoaktivnom) wrap a EF- effect of sauna, that increases the penetration of active ingredients inside and metabolism. But not all wraps thermoset showing is at parikoze, rosacea and other vascular pathologies do not recommend. Cold wrap activating lipolysis is by cooling (This means that wraps the enter menthol), It is beneficial for Vienna. Widely ispop′zuûtsâ program, alternating hot and cold wraps (the contrasting course»). For greater efficiency and better penetration of active substances in the skin body wrap combined with manual (Manual) anticellû litnym massage.
Manual methods
Massage helps to "break up" the fat kapsupy, affects the connective tissue, Disabling the excess liquid and špaki, normalizes blood flow, improves penetration and action components of anti-cellulite exterior products, stimulates the immune system. Fingers is a wonderful tool, to "dive" into the skin and tendon-muscle TV. During the massage specialist uses light and powerful pressure, superficial and deep stroking, stretching and surging, modeling and drainage, bringing the State of cells is changed and they are transforming. Anti-cellulite massages should always be individual, specialist chooses technique, given the characteristics of the client and its threshold of sensitivity. Smooth consistent motion model body, give a sense of lightness, make a slimmer silhouette. But there are contraindications for massage, skin and organs of small pelvis, Therefore, it must appoint and hold only experts.

Deep warm up
Sweating in a sauna, the sauna, capsule, the traditional anticellûtinyh programs, in fact has a short-term effect. The amount of fatty tissue is literally in a matter of hours. Only competent use of professional products with lipolitičeskim and mikrocirkulâtornymi effects as to, and after heat treatments, will strengthen its Detoxicating and anti-cellulite effect, stabilizes the result achieved.
Mesotherapy for the body is injection technique, used in correction of weight, the fight against cellulite and localized fat deposits. The essence of the method consists in establishing a therapeutic cocktail in the skin to a depth of 2, 3, 4 and 13 mm. /For a mezoterapevtičeskogo cocktail with correction are used lipolitiki (substances, increasing disintegration of fats), Vascular (improving microcirculation and problem areas), defibroziruûŝie drugs, as well as vitamins, minerals, components of the connective tissue for skin tightening, etc.
Mesotherapy is effective in the treatment of:
• local fat deposits;
• cellulite;
• stretch marks (STRI);
• sagging skin, When losing weight.
A set of procedures and cocktails for Mesotherapy for body are selected individually, the Constitution of the patient, the density and extent of fat deposits, as well as the concomitant diseases.
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