Hair analysis on trace elements

Hair analysis on trace elements is a study of the content of "useful" and "harmful" chemical elements in the human body hair. minerals (žoķ, potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, chromium, Selenium) ensure normal functioning of our body. Conversely, toxic elements industrial origin (mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic) poison our bodies.

Densitometry - determining bone mineral density

Densitometry - a noninvasive method of quantitatively determining bone mineral density. The procedure is completely painless for the patient, requires no anesthesia. This study necessary to periodically (at least once a 2 year, on doctor's advice - and more) go to the following categories of patients:


WHOM MOST reduces the density of bone tissue? One in three women in pre-menopausal women with osteoporosis ill, the condition is exacerbated with age. When an external well-being, way from a full life to a wheelchair for osteoporosis may occur instantaneously.

Diagnosis of zinc deficiency

Diagnosis of zinc deficiency is based on the determination of zinc in serum, erythrocytes, urine, hair. The most informative in the opinion of many authors is the study of zinc in serum. According MH blood zinc concentration of less than 13 mol / l can be regarded as a zinc-deficient state, a zinc content of less than 8,2 mol / l is unfavorable prognostic sign. However, be aware, that Read more

Analysis Resurrection renin

Renin - an important component of, affects the functioning of our body. Thanks to its functioning, in the body is controlled by the level of blood pressure, and regulated blood volume.

Экспресс-диагностика Check Up

It is not possible to carry out effective treatment without exact diagnosis. The purpose of the check-up method is the diagnosis and prevention of diseases using the newest methods of medical examination. After such examination the patient receives advice and referral to a specialist. Advantages of the method “check-up” are: short term survey, low cost, maximum, accurate information about the condition of the patient.

Paternity DNA testing

In ancient times, people had to put up with the approval of the mother only knows exactly, who the child's father». Often so, that man, himself without knowing it, raised and raised him someone else child biologically. And in today's world, such cases are not uncommon. According to some data, almost every 13-th man educates his child is not genetically. The Truth, now establish paternity Read more

fungus treatment in Kherson

Treatment of fungal infections

To start the recall, that mushrooms, dining on our body, a great number of. Some of them live inside (for example, Candida fungi, cause thrush), and some are settled on the surface of the body. Tornado Medical Group offers you a new effective methods of treatment and prevention of fungal skin and nail lesions (foot fungus and toenail fungus).

Dermatoscopy, skin diagnosis

Dermatoscopy – innovation Diagnostics of skin

Dermatoscopy is a crucial method of diagnosis, You can get all necessary information about retinitis new. Increases The, that gives dermatoskop, allows to study the edge of, symmetry and structure of moles, and then draw the appropriate conclusions about the diagnosis and course of action.

Diagnosis of allergy

Allergists throughout the world in earnest concerned by the increase in allergic diseases. And not in vain, Since allergies often contributes to the development of other, more serious diseases. This is why it is very important to identify it and start a fight. In the diagnosis and treatment of allergy specialists will help you Tornado MG.

Video: Диагностика и лечение половых инфекций

Заболевания, передающиеся половым путем (ЗППП) понятие гораздо более широкое, What sexually transmitted diseases. Remember, that STDs are very dangerous for its complications: inflammatory diseases of various organs, infertility, cancer.

Blood tests for Lyme disease (borreliosis)

Blood tests for borreliosis is necessary to take, primarily, to confirm the presumptive diagnosis. Often, this analysis takes in the case, when a person says arthritis of unknown etiology. Neurological disorders, symptoms of aseptic meningitis, Symptoms, similar to the symptoms of Lyme disease - all of it is also testimony to the date of such analyzes. With them in the patient fails to detect antibodies Read more

Analysis of influenza in Kherson

Influenza a and b viruses infect primarily the upper sections of the respiratory tract-nose, throat, the trachea and bronchi less. The disease usually accompanied by a sharp rise in temperature, myalgia, headache, strong malaise, dry cough, sore throat, and rhinitis. Currently, there are two groups of influenza virus, that cause disease in humans: A and B. The influenza virus group A Read more

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