Diagnosis of zinc deficiency

Diagnosis of zinc deficiency is based on the determination of zinc in serum, erythrocytes, urine, hair. The most informative in the opinion of many authors is the study of zinc in serum. According MH blood zinc concentration of less than 13 mol / l can be regarded as a zinc-deficient state, a zinc content of less than 8,2 mol / l is unfavorable prognostic sign. However, be aware, which is not always the level of zinc in the blood correlates with clinical manifestations. So, zinc concentration in the blood can vary during the day depending on the meal, stress, previous infection, in disorders of blood collection and storage. Therefore, the diagnosis of zinc deficiency should be considered not only in serum zinc concentration, but the positive dynamics of clinical symptoms, as well as increasing the zinc concentration in the response to therapy zinc-containing preparations.

What our body needs zinc?

  • Has beneficial effects on the immune system
  • He has been actively involved in hematopoiesis
  • Improves the function of the pancreas, adrenal
  • It prevents the spread of many species 'common cold' viruses
  • It increases the body's resistance to colds!!!

Checking the level of the strategically important mineral organism, you can help qualified doctors, the first independent laboratory accredited laboratory “Tornado”. To do this, you only need to choose the most convenient for you day and donate blood.

Take care of your body and stay healthy!

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