Disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments


…A terrible reality

-"Why such complexity?!»

I often come across in conversation with leaders and masters of beauty salons with the same nedoumennym issue.

-"Everything is much simpler. When the client "pobryzgali" tool. That is the fumigation in beauty salons!».

Sad… Rather, SCARY!

The essence of all the stages of cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and storage of manicure instruments are confined to only one-WIZARD and client HEALTH!

It is a wizard must understand, initiate and be responsible for adherence to all the rules of hygiene and sterilization tool in the workplace *, If the Director, for some strange reason not giving this issue attention and not even trying to understand the crux of the matter. Though too puts yourself in danger. *From the point of view of Salon marketing, conversely – It is beauty Director must possess all the knowledge on the Organization of process of disinfection and sterilization of instruments.

80% infections are transmitted by the hands

It is master, Working dirty nail tool, is at risk! Primarily, master, and then the client are transmitted viral and infectious diseases – "gifts" in the form of hepatitis b, HIV, Herpes and other equally terrible diseases

So, How to protect yourself, their families, clients and business. Let's, consider all stages.


The purpose of the hygienic hand antiseptics: destruction/suppression of transient (temporary) microflora.

Tranzitornaya microflora – all kinds of people who got his hands on microorganisms, Depending on the disease.

Description of process: do not wash your hands; rub antiseptic in the Palm of your hand, fingers, the spaces between the fingers, in the skin of the back of the hand, nail bed. When the danger tion infected hepatitis b virus or Mycobacterium tuberculosis antiseptic hand hygiene is performed twice in a row.

Simple rules for processing antisepticescoy leather:

  • NET, short trimmed nails, do not varnish.
  • The lack of rings, bracelets, wrist watches.
  • Tool for hand antiseptics to cull from the dispenser (for contactless selection) in the corner of a conical dimple Palm.
  • Alcohol means for antiseptics rub only dry hands (to avoid pressing the effectiveness of antiseptics + wet hands worse tolerate antisep tick in the plan have).
  • Hands should be moistened antiseptic exposure all the time, then its texture in the skin to dry.
  • Apply for only those preservatives preparations, that contain restore its fatty skin film (otherwise alcohol antiseptic skin PE resyhaet and damaged).

Skin protection:

In cosmetic and pedicure cabinets masters to protect skin it is recommended to use disposable latex gloves. In cases of damaged skin Wizard or client-such protection is REQUIRED!


After the procedure not only IP used, but all are on the enclosed table RA tools, should Pro walk multiple sequential this stand handle.

First, you must prepare a disinfectant creator races. For accurate measurement, use a special measuring cup for determi tion required amount of concentrate. At first filled with water, then adds Xia concentrate.



Order and hygiene on your desktop during the procedure both spečit convenient tool tray. On it you can freely arrange Handl and rotary tools. The tray must be made of material, sustainable development to disinfectant means. It can be made of plastic or metal.

After this, tools are immersed in a ready solution zinficiruûŝij de opened or disassembled completely. Take into account the, the higher the percentage concentration of the solution, so men she exposure time

Rotating tools must dezin ficirovat′sâ separately from hand in special containers with special internal insert with from verstiâmi (sieve). Ready solution zali vide in quantity, provides full immersion nozzles.


It's important! For disinfection of instruments of manicure by beauty salons is not required to use only those intended for this tool. Take into account the, that these funds should include anti corrosive additives (as, for example, Gigasept AF).


After disinfection and sterilization cleaning manicure tools invested in Kraft bags and placed in a closet or buy an autoclave. In the sterilizer can be precisely manufacturing tools only completely dry. Sterilize manicure instruments is carried out under the action it to high temperature. You cannot remove tools, instead of letting them cool in the sterilizer.

Prior to becoming tools of the sterilizer use tweezers to grasp.

When carrying out disinfection and sterilization instrument all its surfaces must be completely covered by the solution for disinfection and remain in the sterilizer.

It's important!

Ball deprecated sterilizers for sterilizing manicure tools the most authoritative organization in the world – FDA (The food and Drug Administration United States). They Do not provide the purity of manicure instruments due to the large number of factors.


Store tools need to be in the UV sterilizer with bactericidal lamps.


So, Let's summarize:



ATTENTION! Pre-sterilization cleaning disinfection and can be combined. "Combining options»:


  • The same solution for disinfection of medical instruments for manicure at the salon can play the role of the sanitiser and cleansing agent for pre-sterilization cleaningtool. In this case, the cleaning is done chemically – dirt races tvorâetsâ in disinfectant means.
  • Ultrasonic sterilizer can also combine the first two stages. Vibration and Gide bone (they gradually put tools in sterilizer) at the same time playing UT the role of disinfectant (at the heart of one of the liquids – alcohol), mechanical and chemical cleaning.


Skipping stage pre-sterilization cleaning or spending it before disinfection, You knowingly; als direct their actions on environmental contamination Wednesday. Dirt and infection literally sprayed and distributed at who spirit and water, are deposited on the hands, in the sink, on the floor, creating conditions for reinfection.

Never attempt to clean tools, not deleting them in disinfectant solution.


Remember that the, not every beauty salon client admits you, He had some dangerous for surrounding disease, order more, He may not know.




STERILIZATION – a mandatory stage in the preparation of the instrument. Manicure instruments sterilization occurs only under the influence of temperature and only with the full immersion tool in special sterilizers.

The main types of sterilizers for manicure instruments:


  • Buy wardrobe (termosterilizator) – sterilizes any metal tool, Burs, Mills under high temperature. Sterilization takes place at temperatures 180 From within 30 minute. At the end of the sterizacii Toolkit store in UV- cabinets or in tightly closed containers.
  • Autoclave – sterilization under the influence of high temperature steam to 137 c during 20-25 minute. This method allows not tupitsja the tool when sterilizing and keep it cutting properties
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