Dermatoscopy – innovation Diagnostics of skin

Dermatoscopy, skin diagnosis

-This is a very important method of diagnosis, You can get all necessary information about retinitis new. Increases The, that gives dermatoskop, allows to study the edge of, symmetry and structure of moles, and then draw the appropriate conclusions about the diagnosis and course of action.

What is and what is its dermatoscopy must take place? The human body contains many dark spots, moles and so on. So is the dermatoscopy, to save you from speakers of moles, as well as the analysis of moles. Accordingly,, This procedure is designed to save you from such spots.

Of course, not every case needs of dermatoscopy.

Primarily, the procedure will require the, have the following education on body:

  • spots;
  • large moles;
  • Melanoma.

The procedure is performed using the apparatus dermatoskopa, doctor gets tenfold larger image (element on the skin) This lets you more accurately and thoroughly examine its symmetry, roughness boundaries and structure.
The Tornado at the Clinic Medical Group you'll pass guaranteed, to use modern equipment-dermatoskop Dr. Camscope DCS-105. At this point you will not find anything better, than the dermatoskop, so you can stop worrying about yourself and completely surrender to the hands of experienced specialists. By using dermatoskopa, you can define the Mole is benign or malignant.

Advantages of dermatoscopy:

  • There are no contraindications;
  • easy to hold;
  • in most cases avoid such traumatic method research, as a histological;
  • allows you to get instant results and already on the primary admission to decide on the need for additional consultations of doctor-oncologist.

An important advantage of – non-invasive research method, to evaluate the risk of pigmentary lesions on the skin at a very early stage, literally as soon as they become available. The method allows to fix the image changes on the skin using a digital camera with the ability to save images in electronic format for monitoring trends and comparative study of change.

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